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The hurdling and the chasing tomorrow through friday at cheltenham in this first hour will get the overview. Wanna slip it in here and get out ahead of it so that particularly the tuesday. Wednesday looks racism beyond the morning. We'll take a couple of probably each day concluding the the granddaddy of them. All the rose bowl of of cheltenham gold cup on friday. But starting tomorrow. We're going to get nick luck in here in about four minutes. Nine zero five will get. Nick got a little window for him and later after kenny. Mcpeek kenny mcpeek is the is the sandwich filling in cheltenham sandwich Because after kenny. Who's on his way to. Ob s another of the week's storylines. It's it's louisiana derby week. it's oh s. Two year old in training sale season kickoff. Tomorrow and wednesday kenny's on his way there so we'll talk to him in the car don't know if he's coming from north. Or if he's coming from tampa coming from cal from orlando several options and then the longshot lad himself kev. Humphries will join us. He'll give you his tuesday and wednesday ideas and have your pencil ready all Let me give you a quick rundown and touch on just a couple of things before. Nick joins us At nine o. Five richmond laurie. Ecorse top of our two. We'll check in with bake after the weekend that included you know not just what rich and the team doing base that at acqueduct. Ecorse the ocala. The ocala the oaklawn action on saturday. And i'll explain the craziness over the television coverage saturday. I've never seen anything like it The address that in the second but We'll get all of riches opinions and i may. I may surprise rich by reaching down to ocala bringing his son. Joseph in joe is down with his big lorry bloodstock and work with clients. Or maybe we can slip. Joey in with with rich for a couple of minutes tom amos since its louisiana derby week. We'll get a visit tom. He pulled a very clever stunt. I gotta tell you that that little suspicious he took little stitches snuck her into maryland and one the beyond the wire steak On on saturday. Laurel the racing the those steaks. Good lord in fact Also turf paradise on friday night. That was fun. I watched second half of the card from from turf paradise which i can't remember doing And watch all four stakes and then a couple of particularly Engaging results there we'll get to that But amos will join us talk about little dishes. And then we'll even get some preview from time for his for starters all lewis a lot of business with louis and with karen mclaughlin Louisiana derby day and So much fun that they you know the draw that car two week out so you can really. She wanted and came up very good The derby and the oaks and everything else and the new orleans stake and little louisiana the louisiana crescent steaks and so forth so amos later and more. All right. I got a couple of other loose Probably probably slipped tom. Tore into at some point from. Ob s a really quickly. As the as casey reaches nick luck it was oaklawn that set the schedule on on saturday. The the fox broadcast absolutely wanted the rebel within the body of the broadcast but oaklawn the way they had the card laid out. They wanted the rebel as the feature. The eleventh of twelve and that that's just how the way it unfolded. It wasn't it wasn't fox's choice. It wasn't nyerere's choice. It wasn't the i i've never. I've never seen anything like it like. It's some oh it's incredible insult to what are you talking about just i crazed crazed i. I just shook my head and it was discussed all week long by the way all week long in ireland and in the uk and here and everywhere that chasing and hurtling is appreciated Cheltenham will be discussed. And what a perfect way to kick off cheltenham than with a visit from nick. Lock nik Good afternoon high. That they neck There's a couple of stories in fact even before we talk about the races in the schedule week the biggest story seemed to be horses have been declared out of races including this morning. Nicky henderson out to your out of the champions jas dot crossed out here. I think it's an irony. Really four or.

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