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So Nice to have you here with US Riley and I guess, let's start with filling in everything for Kevin Campbell in terms of people who may be newer fans to big brother I do feel like that. BBC sixteen is sort of like an inflection point. I feel like a lot of people's for whatever reason came in. With that season that sort of like the rebirth of modern big brother starting with a be sixteen. So I'm sure there's more than a few people that are listening to this podcast that may not have seen bb eleven. HD and Franken, `Grande Rob HD, and Frankie, `Grande, it all it all happened. But Taryn, could you just give us like the of quick? Synopsis. Of who is Kevin Campbell? Why should people be excited to see Kevin? Kevin was as you mentioned as somebody mentioned. One of the. Often. CONC-, he's often brought up in the best never win category. Usually, not the top name on the list, but usually the name that will come up when. When. Like a historian of the show wants to seem smart right well, that Kevin Campbell on season eleven now. It'd be like, who was he again but but that's because he came very close. He made it to the final three played a very good game. He had a couple of really impressive moves us very good. Social Player, a very good strategic player. He I believe avoided the block for most of the season. And and just like overall was pretty under the radar player like even the fans at the time. I don't think we're really recognizing what he was doing until. They look back at it and said Oh. You know what Kevin was actually pretty impressive. Yeah, big brother eleven's a weird season. There's a lot going on here with big brother eleven that we have a a vote. Or. Like there was some sort of a competition to bring a returning player into the season, and then we're going to have the cliques in the seasons in which I think is really. Super Great. The high school cliques season of big. Brother Eleven. CAMP COULD USE A. said. How does big brother eleven open up? Yes. So I think they run eleven like even the click tip twists when I first heard about the twist was like man is kind of a fair like you know obviously big brothers never been fair. Like with that, you stuck with like three other people lying in think athletes have four five people I guess A. I remember ably, but like just having been some of people in. If you hate those people like you know, you don't like your way and you click like this in like with the whole thing with I have been people like athletes like you've got. Jeff, you got you know Russell. You Got Jesse like those three people are like completely different people and you know that's recipe for disaster and I thank you know just having that as the starting point. I think it just like pretty much snowballed in, he would just weren't willing to work with each other you and I think you have to win. Win You're like stuck with people. You have to just kind of just let things be as being, and then once that twisted over usually only lasts like four weeks you've gotta just you know, let's go through thing and then go and then you know your own strategies. I. Think that's what they should have did what? I think. They weren't patient and I, think, that's what costs like you know allows people to not make this. They did it. Do you think it might have been a little too on the nose for big brother to really lean into the big brother is like a high school mentality. I definitely think it was a little too on the nose and probably just not good idea for a twist first season overall because the whole. Big Brother is like a high school thing that they keep pushing is kind of meant so that certain types of people are it's kind of a way to justify the fact that certain types of people normally succeeded big brother. About it. I. Feel. Like a lot of ways it was just the different archetypes are put together and thus the different a lot of times. Early in the game, people want to kind of get rid of people who were likes themselves because they don't WanNa be lumped in together or like there's just A. Dichotomy of two different types of people who were very similar. But because of this, they couldn't go after each other and they were forced to just stay together. So the strategy didn't really start up until later on the season, but there were still a lot of fights because there was a lot of and. Like. Certain actual personalities, but they actually weren't able to get out the people who they wanted to get out. So it just delayed the strategy and kind of prolonged the drama. Yes, I think this season overall. Also, they're going to bring in Mr Pek tackler. There was one of four returning players that ended up going into the House that were. I remember them all standing there. Was it a vo or was it a competition that? This thing rob is that they had these four clicks the popular kids, the brains, the offbeat. And the athletes and they had them compete in a physical competition to see which one would come in. So you know very much like offering what twenty thousand dollars to allow. Paul into the game. I. Think this one was rigged from this. Guy All. Right? Thumb on the scale to get Mr Patacula it to the house. All right. So. In the early going of a big brother eleven, is it. Cam I. is it a slow go for Kevin from from my recollection of eleven like I definitely remember a lot of stuff with Ronnie. Playing both sides of the house. We're, where did cavins game really get started? Yes. So his game Kinda got started kind of late in the game when he was Kinda on offense, I. Think for a large force of the game, like like like people said already like the clicks. Dictated like, it will not really make the move. They win a make and he was a Florida early game. He really wasn't doing much of. Seeing kind of where the numbers were kind of making sure that he was are the numbers and I think that actually helped them I. think that's lot of players to be doing a lot of times. Ronnie, especially e Cada play cards too. Early, he should've Kinda just i. what's he knew he will kind of catching on to his game. He started kind his label little bit, and then he shouldn't h h I. think that was the biggest mistake of the game i. think he said a let other. Other members you know, even save, let them win the H. Wage Label and people forget about it because he wore forgetting about what he was doing like constantly making mistakes all across the Board in Ronnie was still getting away with the people even comedy like I think case even talked about it. He was like talking about how Riley was to in people's heads. You know he was like one of the masterminds with Jesse, stuff like that and I think if he just wanted just you know just. Not. been. So on the know about everything I think he would have probably last longer. Okay Riley. Can you talk a little bit about the alliance's early on in the game in bb eleven? It seems like that from an outsider perspective that you had really Jesse at the center of everything that was going on running things in big brother eleven early on. Yeah I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that he was handed h wage week off out. Really ought to do anything whatsoever and a lot of times. As we've seen, the person who gets the I H, h usually is able to get a power structure around them and I think that helped him a lot in the early game, and also the fact that he won the week three h h up some lot in early game. She kind of had his faction of people that was..

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