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Welcome back in the bound chicken brown cow podcast we're talking with dr barbara back today and i wanted to hear a little bit more from you dr beck about and kind of some stories about how people can connect with their doctors or care providers be part of a team to make sure that they get the best care possible if you've got some any stories about that we'd love to hear those well hm that's that's a that's a bit of a tough one for me i guess 'cause i have a lot of i don't quite know which would be the most helpful to bring up but you know it's you mentioned that i have a background in history of medicine and i do but i actually i also have another degree in bioethics i spent two years doing clinical bioethics and research in that area before i did my urology training and a lot of what came up is being morally problematic was difficulties around communication whether it wasn't even usually between the patient and their healthcare team as much but when patients were too ill can make their own decisions and express their own interests and then it would fall to other people to do that on their behalf and that can get really complicated really fast and you know it's you know family's even even your standard you know nuclear family you know husband wife two kids no it's complicated the power dynamics and relationships you know are complicated and when you have something that is less standard or likely to be legally recognized as your preferred form of relationship and family you know that that that can make things that much harder because you know off the law isn't clear often about you know who the healthcare team can rely on to represent the patient i don't know something that you know you've heard about people's struggling with.

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