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Seven percent, south west wind, the ten minute upper forty s for this afternoon. And if you're getting a bit seasick or maybe heartsick watching what's happening on Wall Street these past couple of weeks, we can tell you right now. Dow futures are pointing to an open close to three hundred points higher the mix of makeup and trains of New Jersey transit is unleashing. A new round of outrage writers are wondering why empty coaches are running in front of locomotives NJIT is explaining that cab cars equipped with positive train control are being run at head of locomotives like PTC, but riders are fuming the doors in those head end cars are locked forcing them into the jam packed cars at the rear of the train still one writer tells CBS he's happy that NJIT is using the new stuff. It's good to know that they're trying to do something to the safety of mass. Transit because I don't take it much. But when I do take Alex know that I'm safe NJIT says for safety and operational reasons. And they words these PTC quipped cab cars that are being run in front of the locomotives will be running empty for the time being w CBS news time nine twenty two. Not a genetic outlier. I'm Pat fine act with the WCBS help wellbeing report sponsored by valley health system enhancing, the health and wellbeing of northern New Jersey. We hear a great deal these days about how genetics don't have to be destiny. That's the message and workout Queen Jillian Michaels new book, the six keys, six body processes that either work for you or against you. They can turn the key, and you have Alzheimer's cancer, gray hair, wrinkly skin, a big belly. How do we turn these keys in the opposite direction? So that we're aging. Wow. I mean at forty four I have no gray hair. I wake up with zero aches and pains, not a genetic outlier. The reality is. That there is a lot that we can do no matter who you are no matter how much money you have no matter how much time you had to turn these things around. So that you look and feel great well into your forty fifty sixty seventies..

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