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Potentially the Panthers had didn't even have interest in extending it. That wasn't something they seriously wanted to consider. And I kind of didn't really kick the tires on at a ton. Even though it came to me through my sort of Florida whisper network, the palm tree network that I still have from my time working for that organization. I just sort of was like, okay, I mean, that makes sense is something they view as high risk and sort of put it in my back pocket. I didn't assume that they'd act on it. This off season, considering what this team is poised to do. Again, next year, I mean, there were a 122 point team. They were historically good. Hubert O was the third leading scorer in the NHL. I figured that's not a situation that you need to sort of move on actively. Now, the Uyghur thing too, I'd sort of, I'm not the only guy who heard this. Uyghur's name was out there. Over the course of draft week in particular. I think there was a sense that he might be available. I think that there's there was a sense that it was time to move on. Internally with the Panthers and their top pair left side defensemen who happens to be right handed an incredibly unique profile. You can't understand this deal, I think, without understanding that from Florida's perspective. Neither of those contracts, like the next contracts that those guys sign are not contracts that Florida wanted. Yeah. Right? Certainly. You can not understand the deal without understanding that from the panther's perspective, they valued these guys as one season guys. And the opportunity to pounce on a unique, power forward player type, and lock that guy up from ages 25 to 33, right? I mean, is there a single year of Matthew chuck's next deal? That you're even nervous about? From a declining, you know, from an inefficiency perspective? No. Not really. No. Not really. Yeah. You're mining his entire he's not going to get slower. It's impossible. And with a guy like chuck, I know chuck's a physical guy with great hands, but it's like, what makes kuchuk special? It's that he's one of the smartest guys on the ice. Certainly. He's smart and dumb. And he picks a spas too, yeah. He doesn't just pick his spots. He hammers them. He nails the piece. He's a genius. I mean, I just think there's no, there's no inefficient season on that, whereas with Hubert O extension, Hubert is going to be 30, right? The first year of his next deal. What year aren't you concerned about? The inefficiency of it, right? I mean, it's just a completely different world. So Florida basically, I think, is really benefiting. From the cost certainty of a unicorn type player, there's really no other Matthew chuck in the NHL. Yeah. And they valued that uniqueness. They valued that cost certainty. They valued the window of it.

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