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Is next live from NPR news in Washington I'm David Mattingly the parameters of president trump's impeachment trial will be debated today in the Senate Democrats in Congress are objecting to rules proposed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell arguing they limit their time and ability to present evidence NPR's Claudia course Allah says McConnell proposes each side have up to twenty four hours over two days to make opening statements McConnell said earlier this month he had the votes to approve the resolution but didn't reveal it specifics publicly until last night a Republican aide says the plan provides the right structure for the trial but Democrats say would force twelve hour days of arguments and significantly delays the question of calling witnesses and evidence that's N. P. R.'s Claudia course solace the house accuses trump of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress as the Senate deals with impeachment president trump is in Davos Switzerland today for the World Economic Forum a new poll from NPR the PBS newshour and Marist shows American voters are concerned about the threat of foreign interference in U. S. elections NPR's Pam Fessler says more than four in ten people surveyed believe the country is not prepared to keep the November elections safe and secure the findings come just as voting is about to begin in what's expected to be a highly contentious presidential race well most Americans think the elections will be fair and accurate forty four percent think many votes will not be counted a third believe it's likely that a foreign country will tamper with the votes and most expect foreign disinformation campaigns most Republicans think the country's prepared to keep the election secure but most Democrats do not fifty six percent of Americans say president trump has not done enough to protect the elections a slight majority thinks the president is actually encouraging foreign interference Pam Fessler NPR news Washington in China a fourth person diagnosed with a new strain of respiratory virus has died as NPR's Amy Chang reports of thousands have been infected the southern Chinese city of Wuhan reports a new fatal case of viral pneumonia bring the overall number of deaths to for the patient was an eighty nine year old man with serious underlying health conditions of the one hundred ninety eight case of the wind has confirmed local health officials recently disclosed the fifteen or medical professionals the viruses also spread to multiple cities within China overnight Shanghai reporter has diagnose and hospitalized at first to patients and Beijing is currently treating five the head of an expert panel appointed by China's national health commission confirmed that this virus cannon house transmitted between humans he pointed to examples in which patients have not travel to walk on the epicenter outbreak but may have contracted the infection from family members who had visited any Chang and hear news Beijing this is NPR news from Washington police in Texas say they've arrested a nineteen year old man on murder charges stemming from a deadly shooting in San Antonio police say two people were killed and five injured at a bar and music venue on the city's river walk it happened Sunday night police say an argument led to the gunfire curing Christopher Williams is facing charges of capital murder the Mexican government says it won't allow a caravan of migrants from Central America to enter the country James Frederick has more after spending most of the morning on this bridge that connects Mexico and.

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