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Just about it i've never really looked in depth that's our results that's either heart so season one these are pro team so pro bowler two time pro bowler is first season he only started one game he caught sixty one passes for five hundred ninety three yards six touchdowns all right rant twenty four times at two hundred sixty seven yards rushing at three touchdowns so he finished with nine total touchdowns there what if he's got his kickoff return dots and all that so kick returns it see chosen sixteen thirty nine power turns five hundred ninety two yards in two touchdowns in than fourteen kick returns for three hundred eighty four yards in touch down there so he had what twelve total touchdowns in his first season all right sega returns the ball whole lot less let's see it didn't do any returns in second season seventeen two thousand seventeen he starts thirteen games out of fifteen that he played seventy five or sections eleven hundred yards nearly twelve hundred seven touchdowns and also around the ball seventeen times for fifty nine yards obviously is second year was worse than is i but nonetheless i don't think he's necessarily top ten receiver all right see who would i take over tyreek hill right now although beckham junior actually we're not in get it but none the less tyree kale tyreek hill i'm not necessarily top ten receiver just yet but like i said i mean this redskins team is one where i could see making the playoffs but obviously they wouldn't would it be a team do damage okay just like the chiefs we saw the cheese making the playoffs year after year but of course that's it blue too big games against the colts and the tie ins and other than that i mean never really did much i think alex smith won like one or two playoff games with the chiefs when he was there all right so i could see watched redskins the kansas city chiefs and then of course you got the giants i'm not sure what to think of them all right eli manning's getting older we talked about in the last two episodes about why teams win win the.

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