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Rankings came out where they rank the top players in the video game coming out this season but this is a thing that now sticks out more to me they write the top players in NBA two K. like in the history of the sport okay so they have of course Michael Jordan right number two Kareem rank or Michael Jordan skews the right number one of course Kareem number two which by the way Corinne is like somehow one of the most underrated players in the history of the sport the guy is a six time NBA champion what a six time MVP people forget he won a championship before magic right he won a championship in nineteen seventy two with the Milwaukee Bucks then he went to the Lakers and by the way we talk about this being the player power movement it in terms of like the movement all these guys picking their destinations asking for traits cream did this way back in the seventies okay he told the box like listen you're gonna have to trade me to New York in New York or LA I'm not saying here any ends up going to the Lakers in place for the Lakers win five more championships there the rest is history not to mention that eighty seven title team he was the best player in nineteen eighty seven he's the best player on the do was like thirty eight years old they have lebron third magic fourth bill Russell six I came seventh again another guy that's grossly underrated Kobe at eight RPG's Kobe at a really he's they got Colby in front of Larry Bird shack and Tim Duncan okay now they're all ninety eights so I guess that should be made clear they're all ninety eight but they have Kobe ranks in eight ahead of Larry shack in Sam dunk it okay so let me get to the Tim Duncan Kobe thing for some reason it's like Kobe Bryant was the player of his era I'm sorry Tim Duncan was the better player okay Tim Duncan was the better player then with Kobe Bryant okay now first of all right how many M. V. P.'s one Tim Duncan too okay yeah Tim Duncan by the way was the best player on five championship teams are actually let me take that back he was the best player on four championship teams the final year that's bursting was incredibly wasn't the best player in may and then Tony Parker because remember quite really emerged in the finals kawaii wasn't a star yet so it was probably Tony Parker but none the less that Springsteen was great and part of the reason the spurs were great for so long is Tim Duncan would take less money so he could compete for championships okay that's a Tim Duncan did for the bulk of his career not to mention the fact that for a ten year period Tim Duncan was the best defensive player in the NBA no disputing that I get Ben Wallace won some defensive player of the year awards in that type of stuff Tim Duncan was the best defensive player in the year in the NBA for a ten year period okay fifteen times all defensive team and I get a Kobe got a bunch of all defensive teams you know why because Kobe Bryant's name did you see Kobe Bryant he was a good defender early on in his career he was not the same to find a really good even going back to his championship runs with politics on Jack but getting back to the original point okay Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan Tim Duncan best plan for championship games as I said call me was the best player on two of them okay for to do the math okay ten dot can carry that franchise what happened when Kobe lie shack for like five years yeah they did nothing until he demanded a trade in need of pockets all okay not to say that you don't need another star in this league to win at a high enough level but let's all remember the fact that Kobe Bryant played on a terrible team for number years because he couldn't put them over the top Tim Duncan came into the league and it was one of the NBA title and what a second year carrying David Robinson and that's bursting in the strike shortened seasons one NBA championship three once again five once again seven once again this dude was a dominant force in the NBA that was better than Kobe Bryant you look at the numbers for Tim Duncan in his career he ended up shooting fifty percent from the field fifty percent from the field any did it take in game three at season's ray shot eighteen times a game seventeen times again you look at some of his prime years you're looking to do that averaged twenty five points thirteen rebounds two and a half blocks you go after that the three season where they won the championship the average twenty four points per game he averaged thirteen rebounds per game he averaged three blocks per game okay not to mention the fact that he shoot fifty one or shot fifty one percent from the floor that's how dominant of a player Tim Duncan was Kobe Bryant look at his career numbers the dude was inefficient okay inefficient he shot forty four percent from the field for his career forty four percent from the field in his career okay yeah I get it he had the higher seasons in terms of the point value where one year the average thirty five points per game that was great the average thirty four points per game thirty five points per game you notice field goal percentage was forty five forty five lebron James a lifetime fifty percent feel go back okay you're looking at it from Kobe Bryant's perspective dude it is best scoring season shot forty five percent from the field okay so this song narrative that like Kobe Bryant was the player of that area it's not true it's not true it was Tim Duncan Tim Duncan was the guy that was the best player in that are and quite frankly I don't even know if Kobe Bryant should be at a Larry Bird Larry Bird was the best player in the NBA without question for three year period in the eighties from eighty four eighty six this year was the best player in a like no questions asked three M. V. P.'s in a row from eighty four to eighty six how long was Kobe Bryant the best player in the NBA maybe like a two year span that is it because it went from Shaq and Tim Duncan in maybe Colby in there for like a year or two but then I went back to lebron James after that and lebron James held the mantle for a significant period of time where he's been the best player really you make the argument from around eight ash in toll basically last year when Kawhi Leonard took the crown office said because lebron James is nowhere to be found in the post season came around so it's been that long since Kobe Bryant was the best player in the NBA not to mention the fact that they do this dude was a locker room killer right image killer deal didn't want to get along did not get along whatsoever now part of that is on Shaq is well clearly part of that is on Jack but here's the reality of the situation Tim Duncan never had issues with teammates in fact this whole kawaii thing actually says more about Tim Duncan the leader than anything else because do you think that this issue would have happened with this burst of Tim Duncan was there the issue that this very sad is Kawhi Leonard was upset because they thought or he thought they were misdiagnosed in him and then Gregg Popovich had guys on the team have a closed door meeting with Kawhi Leonard meaning Tony Parker Manu Ginobili etcetera you a Tony Parker saying publicly that I had an injury that was a hundred times worse than kawaii and I'm already playing do you think these issues would have happened if Tim Duncan was in the locker room now they never had a locked room issue with Tim Duncan there okay and if they did we never heard about because Tim Duncan put an end to what we think of them as this quiet guy he made sure that everything was going on right as it pertains to his locker room so many great Bob it's not having Tim Duncan is part of the reason that you at all these issues with Kawhi Leonard leading up to him eventually being traded to the Toronto raptors and you look at Kobe Bryant yeah I I'm not trying to say that the guy wasn't a great player but Tim Duncan totally different thing Tim Duncan carry that organization for number years I get to Kobe Bryant one is two championships without Jack but man Tim Duncan best player on four championship teams was the best defender in the NBA for a decade okay not to mention the fact they didn't hijack offenses like Kobe Bryant did never hijacked offenses like Kobe Bryant did and Larry Bird he's on one of the all time iconic teams and the Celtics in the eighties they won three NBA championships in that run he was the best player in all three of those games so that's one more than Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant was only the best player on two championship teams not to mention the fact that guy was horrible in their game seven win against the Celtics when they won the championship the second one member Ron our test it like a crazy three that really lifted them to a victory in that particular series so it was horrible Asian even in the NBA finals MVP that year but Larry Bird carried a team basically for an eight year period now his career was much shorter than Kobe Bryant's because of the injuries and what not but when you look at it from Larry bird's perspective Larry Bird was the first or second best player in the league for an eight year period you could never say that about Kobe Kobe was never even the best player on his team until you got Shaq out of town till he got Shaq out of town that's what Kobe Bryant was Kobe Bryant at that particular point in time wanted to be somebody that was waiting on his own terms not to mention the fact that on this list Allen Iverson thirteen Allen Iverson is add objectivist gear you kidding me Allen Iverson had a jerk during his care any team to a championship Hey I got to a championship then went okay not to mention the fact that dirt played on some of the best offenses in the NBA his office was always top five in the NBA in terms of the ranking Allen Iverson was never on an offense like that because it was all about him he was just jacking up shots Allen Iverson should be no where near headed directivity not to mention the fact these added the logo Jerry west as well yeah I don't know about that one Dr J. eighteenth on this list I gotta tell you Kevin Durant's only a twenty of come on Allen Iverson Hey Kevin Durant you got to be kidding me this is an absolute joke NBA two K. twenty get it together all right will continue the brakes NFL summer two are coming up next we're gonna chat with Joe curly from the Ventura county star checking on the ramps primarily.

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