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Local hospitals including no vint health which operates hospitals and manassas and haymarket are issuing a similar plea on social media Gigi Barnett W TOP news As local COVID cases climb more kids are coming down with it but getting kids into the doctor's office might be tough At an apple as pediatrics appointments Philip fast It's not burdened of illness of really sick kids It's just volume of illness Doctor Katie Edwards is the medical director of the practice which has 5 offices in Maryland In the past parents wouldn't get too concerned about a kid showing symptoms of a cold but now people just want to know right This is this virus that has so many implications The positivity rate at children's national hospital right now 48% The very small minority of those patients actually end up being hospitalized Doctor anisha Abraham is a pediatrician and acting chief of adolescent medicine For those kids that are vaccinated we continue to see that they're having milder cases They're not being hospitalized We're also seeing that more kids that are younger say under the age of 5 but the ones that are hospitalized John doeman news Food and fitness go hand in hand and that's why the Washington football team is giving loudon county schools $10,000 in grant money to promote both The donation is meant to fund more breakfast options at four county high schools It's all part of the American dairy association's northeast fuel up to play program the NFL kicks in ten grand for school districts per club market With President Biden wrapping up his first year in office correspondent Stephen portnoy takes a look back On the platform where two weeks earlier rioters swarmed Joe Biden urged unity We must end this uncivil war The new president went about undoing the policies of his.

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