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I actually like it. What would Ted say to you when you have all these people throwing out his money at you and come march? You know what? Okay, now that I've watched about 8 episodes, he'll be like, does it change your life? Doesn't change your life. What makes you happy? Where do you belong? Other people. That's what he would say. And thank you for bringing that up because Jay billis has been I'm like, Jay Bill, let's just bring it up always, these Ted Lasso references. I have no idea what he's talking about. No, no, no. Me personally, I didn't think I would. I'm like, what the hell is that? You know what? As a coach, I'm like interesting. I love the story he was playing dots against this arrogant owner of the soccer team. And he was playing dots and they had made the bet and he said something about someone who's curious versus someone who is I forget what it was about curious. He says leaders are more curious than whatever. He was throwing dots and I guess the guy was a really good dot play. And he says, you never asked me how curious I was. And he said, I've been playing dots against my dad since I've been ten years old. Wow. I grew one right in the middle of the dot board and he collected whatever he was going to collect. Wow. You know what? It's not power. It's not power. I mean, it's not new Jack city for me. Old school. But it's good. The minute you called coach, many you called, I would change my schedule anything. Thank you, appreciate you, though, seriously. I mean that. Thank you for thinking about me all the time. Thank you for checking up on me. Thank you for being a mentor. You know what I mean? I know who I am. I know who's been there. And I just, that's why it's a coach you pick a time, I'll change, I got you. I appreciate man. Love you. Yes,.

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