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Processing and based upon a court order we were able to obtain DNA samples DNA evidence from him which was compared to that of the baby. And that's when the crime laboratory, scientists confirmed that in fact, the he was the suspect in this case this reinforces the. A story that he had been uncooperative up until then because they were. People were volunteering hurt. He was he's cooperative now. But you heard it was uncooperative until then if they had to bring him in just the other day, she didn't give the DNA initially. He would not voluntarily do it. And so they had to get a court. Order somebody's radar that. Oh, I mean, I mean, I understand you can be a privacy rights. Sure, sure, I'm not going to submit to this the other. But the minute you say, I'm not going to give you DNA for a case like this. And you're a nurse one of these places. You're absolutely right. I'm sure there was a police car parked outside of his house twenty four hours a day. You know what I'm saying? Like, you you become a a prime suspect. This more on the hacienda healthcare case, again, a an arrest made today the suspect booked into jail, we have more on that. And of course, we continue to update you on this story. But I hear shared middlemen. With the latest. A little more than an hour ago. Phoenix police announced an arrest in the hacienda healthcare investigation. Thirty six year old Nathan Sutherland has been arrested. He worked at the facility he'd worked there for eight years. He is a licensed practical nurse there. Sutherland was a licensed, practical nurse or an LPN who was responsible for providing care to the victim during the time the sexual assault occurred. A twenty nine year old severely intellectually disabled woman who can only communicate with facial expressions gave birth at the facility last month. Police say the investigation doesn't end there. We'll have more on this breaking story at nine thirty. Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes..

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