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No Steelers, so a chance to check out the rest of the A F C north, and they all one Baltimore beat Washington 31 to 17 Lamar Jackson threw for two touchdowns and ran for another from 50. Yards out. We're passing defense, honor tolls every push our things and get open already back with the Ravens or three and one. So the Browns Cleveland destroyed Dallas, 49 to 38. Odell. Beckham caught two touchdown passes, including one from fellow receiver Jarvis Landry, and he ran for a 50 RTD. Cincinnati picked up its first win 33 25 over Jacksonville Joe Mix and scored three times. Sunday night Football. The Eagles beat the 40 Niners 25 to 20. Philly leads the NFC East at 12 and one and the Eagles played Heinz Field Sunday at one. There were two games tonight that postponed game to England at Kansas City. That'll start at seven on Katie Katie v. Atlanta at Green Bay pushed back to 8 50 Westwood one coverage on the fan there. The N B. A. Jimmy Butler scored 40 points had 11 rebounds and 13 assists is Miami Beat L. A 1 15 to 10 for the Lakers still lead the N B a Finals two games to one. The American League divisional. Siri's begin today. Houston against Oakland. Gary Cole for the Yankees against Tampa Bay. Denny Hamlin won the NASCAR race in Talladega. Sergio Garcia, the Sanderson Farms opening Mississippi from the Pittsburgh Senior benefits Advisor. Sports Desk. I'm Jim Colony. NewsRadio, 10 20, Katy K. Sports Online on video and on your radio. It's the Katy K Radio Morning show with Larry, Richard and Kevin Battle. Shell. We know from the time you get.

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