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Lot more stolen bases in this series in these playoffs. And we've seen in a long time. So yeah how you play. The game does matter. It really does and how you know how a lot of the other guys up to buy. Buy into a philosophy of of next man up and that just doesn't mean injury that means you get the next guy the plate as a hitter. Your number one job is to get to the next guy the guy behind you order up to get on base you do something to get him to play so keep the train moving as they say and the braves did a good job. Astra's did a good job of that most of the year. Not so much in the world series but You gotta have a lineup that fits you gotta have guys who are willing to do little things that don't show box scores and that goes right in the face of analytics talking with markelle knutson former major league pitcher as well as author the inside pitch thirteen ten k dot com and it was fun to watch it was. It was a fun. Postseason fun victory for the braves. Defeating the astros. And i it was a great postseason. But you know we tie all this back into the rockies. We talked about a little bit. Doesn't sound like john gray's coming back well so sure that I'll tell you why. And i have about this working on something about this There's gonna be a lockout on december first. The owners are gonna lock. The players on december first started people. Don't wanna hear about this. Baseball has out a work stoppage in a quarter century and then i nineteen ninety four world series when that was wiped out by the owner's lockout. That was the last time we gotta work stoppage in baseball. So why would seem strikes and lockouts. Sports baseball has been kind of immune to that. That's changing dramatically. There's a lot of issues and the main issue for the players..

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