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Practice see like to me and that's where i'm trying what i'm trying to do just want to make sure to be clear like i i want to try to rattle people's cages that they think capless chip chip chip kelly the first practice of two thousand fifteen all the hope and all my god his team's going to be incredible with bradford and all these guys demarco and kiko byron maxwell and that whole group that was supposed to join back back teams and one tenant sex and they're going to be amazing they're going to challenge the packers and the seahawks and the whole thing fell apart we'll take out started the first practice the first practice the forty million dollar man demarco mary is held out of mary mary whatever you wanna murray murray held out of practice because the eagles chip kelly science people made a determination that like demarco murray mary mary's levels in his body would let him to be more susceptible to injury that practice because of dehydration and so and then you get the whole scene where you know malcolm jenkins i don't know if it was that specific practice are different practice malcolm goes over and gets like a folding chair for demarco who's on the sidelines and all the other players are practicing and demarcus sitting on the sidelines and a chair and like chip kelly viewed that as well this helps me have the best chance to win this year because i'm gonna have my star running back healthy tomorrow and hopefully week one and hopefully we tend but at what cost amongst a group of guys men multimillionaire athletes that are trying to compete two together and learn together and bond together and form a group together we saw with doug peterson did with how that culture and that that that locker room was so unified and chip it's like he was like now i it's more important for me not to have demarco murray play in the midst of dehydration well what you're you're sacrificing team harmony in the way things just mark it's the first practice put the guy out there that is unbelievable and that's what happened me and so i've you kappler as he's learning even if kappler would have made such a mistake in it make that specific mistake but even if he would have made such a mistake on his first day and lord knows gate kappler made a hell of a lot of mistakes in his first week the kappler unlike chip learned i gotta manage men and i've got a lead them through a whole season they've got to be inspired by me play for me and play together and play for each other and so i just and again eight.

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