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And that are a little bit different from what's going on the field by now but corey feldman is i you know he's always been very open about what has happened to him as a child star and he doesn't recommend you putting your children in hollywood at all and i remember i got into some trouble a couple of years ago dick van patten wrote a book and how to get your child essentially wasn't the exact title but how you get your children to show business and i said on the air i said how disgusting is this this guy knows first hand you know eight is enough and he was working round child actors and actresses how disgusting that he wrote a book about how to get your child into show business when when children are just commodities and looked at in sexual ways of their male or female hollywood doesn't care there are a lot of creepy pig as a holes out there on ching your child in showbiz oh complete step by step guy all right and so i went on the air saying what a disgusting book that was well i was at hollywood park about two months later and i was talking to mel brooks happened to be their own nothing just namedropping brooks aldo there and i was talking to mel brooks 7 b a friend of my dad's and and every word that mel brooks says i want to absorb it recorded and keep it because he's one of the greatest producers directors writers of all time so i'm talking to a all of a sudden vince fan pat and comes up dick van patting themselves are dick van and mel brooks turns to dick van patten and says hey do you know conway son who's on the radio and deeds gauge red and i thought he's going to lunch jit me aces are you the blanc blanc blanc who said on the air not to buy my book how to get your kids in the show business and i said i had a cab sorry about that man i didn't think that was a cool book he and he started yelling at me and say dick dictate ticket please please please i said we're at hollywood park don't make a scene near bub i said how about if we do this and i panicked i said how 'bout if i.

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