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So what I like to see the fight. Ah yes I wrote if I been overdue again with Prima Donnas Shit you got I drive. You're saying he'll fight them within Kylo. Hello if he deserves it. or whatever the excuse he gear see. That's the little Bush. Should I be talking about right now. I aint talking about everybody other nearby opinions. Fuck out there because when it comes down onto its the guy down fighters we're here we go out. They all mouth say any type of so what and try to him. Tears who else finding yourself in these little predict permits but the answer is to run over to the other organization so you can get the fight and I remember a couple of days ago. Cat called in and said that Oh me you guaranteed a fight which is true and one thing UNESCO you my dog I fucked with you right. It's low shouted lives Little Andrei specific specifically. Let me read with Andrei Toll. Humber what do you mean. It ain't guaranteed. The words are Eddie. Has that deal for you. You signed to that network at Eddie hearn. Has that deal for you you. Let's unify those belts in May stop ducking money talks more. You need bre why I got all these excuses or you're not reading and listening. He said the deal. You said you were willing to do one fight. Deal with dissolve triple. Gee I'm signed to that network Eddie. Has that deal for you. Mad At me. He called him a duck not me he telling them is money over here. Not Me mad at me talking about condello about other than the deal. y'All worry worry about Cannella so everybody who feel a certain way T- colony and shown we can get these fights if we keep knocking ahead all not not if people keep he said other things other than less let them fight. That's all I won't you know me get into writing and swank that's it only nothing middleman bullshit flick like asking the right now. That's not a contract but when wild to make a fifty million dollar off of Instagram instagram. It's a contract. Got Terrible Terrible Bra. Stop it stop it. Social Media has proven over and over the FIS get made of social media you reach a man coming from Donald Banks Ness breath the protector. You can't argue with this dude. Why don't you proven wrong? He keeps moving the goal post and the Neth Nine A. He's never wrong. Laughing of Modi's I'm head of Rome. Hi Mike let me ask you a question. People people keep saying Oh keep that energy the same. So why doesn't that mean when they say you Jayhawk or just call them and say okay another never cleaned dowd division. Why why clean out the visit? I said he unified which he says. So why keep taking them all out man. Why didn't take them online uncalled? Take him out to I say as Charles Unified. Nah I may try and who we try with now may trying who traveled. Ah With it because I see Andrei try right now. All you gotTa do is pick up the phone make the call Eddie got the dough. uh-huh Eddie got the dough. They did it with Ramirez they did. It will hooker. Let's stop all we boxing. Fans do we want to is this. It's not one of the best ways to make it away division absolutely positively so why we got to see whether or not they lose to Cannella before they fight i. I don't think we got to see that. I don't think that it. Oh I did think I just think people want to seek Nilo in in the rain those guys but why is it a double standard. Why does Cannella have the clear out every single division? He stops. These guys. Don't do nothing. That's not my argument about why I'm asking you the question abroad i. I don't know how to really answered that question because I wasn't my premise. No saying I know I'm I'm actually your opinion of people thinking that hard dialogue on that right now. How could he do what he wants to do? He doesn't have to clear out any If doesn't a cease I mean the cleanout divisions when he was running at one forty seven on San. What's what's thought ever undisputed and I'll know I'll nine nine Mars easy breath never home? You know I don't question You know I am it. Pick and choose. It was time that people want to see that. That's I didn't happen. You know what I'm saying. Shame os yet to really really stalk him down at the hop open rain just to get a fight with him so people kind of push for that fight but of Tho- a pick and choose so as you just roll the ban that the I mean I'm not a big big fan of it but I understand is boxing. That's how boxing goes like want money. Man was the big time. Draw once you have that there is no else and that's why charter was talking. He was talking about Chris. eubank junior if you don't be quiet and I won't bless him. These guys are filling up so imagine chocolate in the way imagine booking canot heison accolades country. But that's the point while the energy and the same now all of a sudden play are no you hurt me. Liga uh-huh Sunday. I took the first thing that came out with this shit at all. You you did your job to bring into late. No caller called in saying hi. Hi Amanda Look at him doing the same thing. Why he's doing it to entree by doing it to you? Bang 'cause he wanted to to fight as he just said one. No one knows them and then he'd rather go to another division fight another champion then fight Andre. No one is calling in about that. They don't care that he said that you know. I can't say that big did call in a brought it up to him man. Yeah man you gotta be signing. I'm pretty much. Try to be as consistent as possible known satellite Connecticut's going. Do what can do. Sometimes you gotTa make can recognize you Or make the Public Hound for that site. No saying am by one of these guys going in there and become a unified vision and maybe even we know saying I'm always at a mindset giving me trouble too so they can never really really make a statement by going out there and possibly getting getting a Better Stop Patricia. Something twitchy that will make a lot of noise but we are not pejic site so gotta be like some lucrative money for towards each one of those guys and F Y Canal Suez the WNBA On my bad my bad AFL Mayweather was undisputed when he was on the two at making money. Oh I'll say when I don't remember but yes oh canal still got the WBA so You know grabbing up two of the belts you making a case for yourself is all. I'm saying you know it's easy peasy to me I don't see how it's difficult To see that there is a silver lining after beating Andrea Yeah you'll have to two of the three titles to the four titles then if you can turn your attention if Canelo doesn't WanNa fight you with that. Wba you turn on your attention to Gennadi. Gennady really never ever had plans to move. So what is he gonNA do. Not Fight Charlie Andre winner who has to belts in the division and especially if designed to keep the winner over there. And you know what I'm saying it'd be either Andre of course but They really going to put the pressure on a a ninety not trying to move up and fight anybody else so we're not just going to fight these mandatory fucking Joe Snowing Guy who don't looking. No you know what I'm saying. The words US Ranga Status KRLD talked to US IN UK Non.

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Eddie Hearn, Andrei Toll, Charlie Andre discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

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