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It's twelve three at the bay area's new station kcbs we've got lots of sunshine around the bay today amazon a little bit warmer will probably see some low seventies later good afternoon i'm rebecca chorale here's what's happening a driver whose van plunged off highway one and into the ocean near montana this morning live to tell the tale thanks to a witness and a dedicated rescue team kcbs gentlemen reports on his incredible luck susan lee taylor and stan bunger shared the kpi five helicopters view as this driver who had gotten out of the van on his own and spent about an hour and a half in the fifty five degrees surf waited for rescuers to repel down to him it's stunning stand that this guy could live much less move up this stonewall on of his own power this is say we've both been doing this a long time we've never seen anything quite like this cal fire battalion chief david cosgrave with the coast side fire protection district says it's such a drop that rescuers only knew the van was in the surf because another driver witnessed the plunge from highway one we access was over the one hundred and fifty two hundred seventy five foot cliff some areas were sleeper than others and it was a difficult communicate because it was in the cove so we had coastguard overhead we have the front harbor came out on the rescue jetskis and we we were able to extricate him with the rose watercraft ended up disabled in the pounding waves no other victims of the crash were found and the driver was taken to the hospital with signs of hypothermia but no serious injuries near devil's slide gentleman kacie b mountain view police have released bodycam video of their encounter with youtube shooting suspect see not gum we get details from kcbs mike kokin mountain view police founders sleeping in the back seat of our car at a walmart parking lot at one forty a m on the day of the shooting your reporting missing has nothing from san diego okay them anymore if you don't mind why you laugh she said they don't get along she was also questioned by a second officer taking any type of medication at all okay you don't want to hurt yourself east you wanna hurt anybody else you don't want to commit suicide or anything like that.

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