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Rank the highest part of television journalism. This is what so many so many things like this should happen more because Tricia Mackie's report on Amanda Jeter is really unbelievable. And it's the kind of stuff that we need to hear more oven Tricia Mackey, welcome again to the Bill Cunningham show with Tricia Hillary, I'm good. How are you? Amanda Jeter local local kid at a dream as many young girls do at nine ten eleven and twelve to be US gymnasts to be on the US Olympic team. She's now twenty three starting when she was thirteen and you say that she went to school locally, and that she also then would work an extra thirty or forty hours a week as a gymnast doing everything possible. And she was on the US Olympic team, but not one of the five selected for the Olympics. Let's tell the story of Amanda Jeter thirteen years old, and she sees Larry Nassar at Michigan state describe what happened. So she pulls her hamstring, which is a common injury with Guinness. I'm told and she goes to coach I can barely broke my leg his hamstring injury. In her coach says, well, go see USA team dot Larry Nassar and his office is based at Michigan state. Sometimes he would go to the Karolyi ranch. But most times he was at Michigan state, and these girls would go to Michigan state, and because they were so young their parents would drive them Cincinnati, Jim, and Mary Lee, Tracy who read that's inside again says over the years, you know, she sent over twenty twenty five to thirty years a bunch of girls to Larry Nassar didn't know any better. He was the team doctor and this guy States Olympic team doctor designated by the United States Olympic committee. There's a in other words when you go there and your thirteen years old mom and dad, you're walking into the best and the brightest is the best treatment available here. They had to think. Okay. My daughter's going to get the best treatment imaginable. Exactly. And you're in this girl. She's at middle schooler at this point almost home school because you have to go into home schooling shortly because of all the gymnastics she knows nothing. She goes into see Larry Nassar. She has a hospital down on. He starts examining her. And he says according to Amanda. Amanda, I'm going to videotape this procedure because I came up with this therapy myself. This is something I invented all of these all of these Olympic girls. Get it. Everybody gets the same therapy on you. And so she says, okay. So he holds out his cellphone like it's a selfie on the selfie stick with his arm and who says he sexually assaulted her. But it didn't last very long right there. Because it wasn't a good angle or whatever it was for Larry. So he put it down on the countertop. I would imagine a thirteen year old girl in middle school is something that was a complete shock to. Amanda jeter. Exactly, however teams like. No. He's a he's a kid. And and and he reiterates that all of you all of the Olympic tennis, get this. Everybody wants to be Olympic gymnasts. He gets the same thing. And he positions his cell phone to record this entire she's calls as an assault is doing whatever he's doing down there. But he does she says it is an assault. Here's the crazy thing he gets done, and he goes out to the waiting room where mom and dad are because they drove her state. That's the dad, Gary this is a new procedure. I think she did really well with it and a new procedure that I came up with and I'm gonna talk about this and seminars go can you hold my cell phone? And you record this answer. Jerry says that kind of weird, but okay, I guess so dead into the examining room. Mom, mom, and dad and mom, so and the way to Jerry describes it is a man is laying on the table. You know, the Larry Nassar standing there, Jerry is a little bit behind Nassar doesn't have a great view. But he says his quote was I thought what I saw I saw enough a father is watching a so-called doctor places fingers. And here's the catch. Here's the catch. Amanda said there were two different types of therapy. The one where he was alone with her. Was an assault when he had mom and dad come in. It was close to an assault. It was definitely inappropriate. But there it was not an assault. Mom and dad think this isn't appropriate. But there was no as you just say there was no like penetration. Nothing like that. But it was inappropriate. But you're still at the headquarters of United States Olympic committee. Doctor right, right and mom and dad from Cincinnati think boy our daughters at the big time here. How long did this go on her leg dead stretch stretch? And Amanda said later that you know, she was doing whatever she could drag because you know, none of it worked, but she didn't want to go back to them. So she was like, I'm great great not gonna wanna see him. You know that it went on the assaults went on more than one one too many times over four years. Numerous places that Michigan and at the Karolyi ranch curly ranches in Texas, which looks like a bad service station, but Corollas like the legendary coach Romania that had all the fans Nadia Comaneci. He he was the one that held Kerri Strug when she tore ankle and landed that landing and got a gold medal superstar, right? This is the best of the best of USA gymnastics. This is a fair ranch. And Amanda said, you know, it was thirty minutes down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. And there's peacocks and camels and bugs and no air conditioning. And they barely had to inch mattresses and the food was terrible. Powerade reduced diet. Sneaking third and here comes Larry Nassar bringing in donuts girls. Yeah. He's the Candyman. He's coming into. Everybody's looking forward to them. You know, because he's telling them what someone said you feel you feel good good. You get enough people saying that you believe it. And I think he he was the master manipulator parolee and his wife Nadia. Each strut. I mean, this guy was the best of the best who came from communist communist, east, Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall came to America in the Texas ranch looks like a bad service station, and this is US Olympic Committee US Olympic Committee had to approve a Karoly and approve of Larry Nassar, by the way is now doing like forty two hundred years in prison. Larry Nassar's never getting out over what period of time. Amanda Jeter was thirteen when these treatments began she's now twenty three when did she get out of this of yours Olympic Committee when she was eighteen she had she had a wrinkle injury. That was she knew she wasn't going to go to the Olympics. But she was just off the charts. Olympic material, and she got a full rights Alabama. She says the best thing ever have or she went from Karolyi ranch and the way they ran things to being, you know, Alabama superstar everything that NCAA has she had it ever finger cats and she wears to national rings from Alabama very proudly. Let's talk about Mary Lee, Terry, Mary Lee, Tracy. I'm sorry, Mary Lee, Tracy. But she's from Coleraine high school. She runs the Cincinnati elite gymnastics for about six or seven years. And she's the one that feeds these young gymnasts US Olympic Committee, and she was given some position in the committee about two months ago. And then Mary Lee was taken down almost immediately because there was some suspicion that she did not know what was going on. But many say she should have known. So what is your story reporting on Mary Lee her? She says exactly that she did not know what was going on. She was everyone else. I believe he's the team doctor all she can say as her athletes that are going to him are saying, they're they're getting better and they're performing. So she doesn't know she's sending them to him. When the accusation first came out, he defended them and feed them she did. But then, but then she would she start being the evidence. She she was she had no idea her story that she had no idea. She did hold. Position for a short time. And there was litigation going on when she was elevated to physician within USA gymnastics alley race men and women these other young athletes, I came forward against Larry Nassar and against USA gymnastics going on she said on her not allowed to contact any of them pretty well. Contacted alley the attacks. I rep attack. I saw them saying that alley tell me more about the conditions. How can we work together to make it better? You know, let's move USA gymnastics in the in the right direction and by law. She was not allowed to contact a plaintiff. And because she contacted a plaintiff. She lost her position. According to her story now getting back to a man, his mom and dad, they were told by Amanda that the treatments were working and at some point the father, Jerry jeeter asked his daughter, if Nasser touched her inappropriately very first time that that berry first time her very first treatment when she was sexually assaulted. She said by herself and her mom came in the room and dad was recording. It and dad said something just didn't look, right. I felt uncomfortable. And he went to her daughter immediately had a conversation with his wife. They both. Agreed. Something seemed inappropriate, and Jerry, you know, grabbed her. By the by the cheeks and said, you know, did he did he do something inappropriate? She just said, no, no. You know, her whole thing is I'm scared kid, and I don't want to be kicked off a USA gymnastics, and Larry Nassar spent like this entire time in the office saying this is what I do all the athletes. Yeah. Olympic athletes. Stay there back that up. The Karoly said is all about ten ten Ted which I got the Olympics. This isn't a basketball, right? They also said, you know, if you injure your body, you do anything you're down. You gotta see that doctor. If you want to get better, you feel Larry Nassar. Do you have some sense of how many young girls Larry Nassar sexually molested? I mean like over two hundred and fifty of them came forward almost not include. Amanda, not included until the other day. He's not part of that. So who knows all of them? I don't know. I mean, you know, there was Jerry in Amanda. And and Jerry's wife ex like now that that. There was another athlete from Cincinnati that went up to Michigan with Amanda that day they weren't in the same exam room. But you know, I don't I don't know. You know, did he just how do you choose? I don't know. Yeah. Amanda, doesn't know she doesn't know this other athlete, you know, he didn't touch her that with you. Don't know. How does a man is mom and dad now feel when she got the ride Alabama. It'd be the greatest thing ever the facilities. They have the SEC. See? But when you deliver your child into the hands of sexual molester, unwittingly, not knowing thinking, this is a big time..

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