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We have an aliens on the show listen they listen from outer space and they're able to communicate with us via the open Mike white is Gladys wanna be on the radio who is it what do you mean Gladys Gladys from portal is it wait a minute you're blowing my mind here because for the past like couple weeks I've been thinking we have aliens no it's not aliens it's Gladys who's messing with me who is making me believe we've got aliens on the show so wait a minute is this what is to be hope your brief detention and the relaxation balls has been a pleasant one that's what yeah I just need a nerd like you well done to you to decipher so this is from a video game in an alien all my god dude Casey and I and Ronald and I we were convinced aliens listen to the show and we're leaving us open mikes I'm not even kidding yeah we're a little nuts it gets crazy alright here's another Cup and Mike from a non alien it's from the fifth grader yeah that's right we have a fifth grader adult man I'm speaking in an excel that's beyond her reach I don't know who that is where is our fifth graders we have a we have a like a fifth grader opened Michael want to listen to where she had as a Sam Hey now that's our Hey buddy want to find a fifth grader Shawn yeah what to say that's not an alien that is does a robot from the video game port yeah we're learning about this right now troll or of aperture science okay and that British voice you hear is Wheatley all right yeah Sean last year I had a I want the fifth grader play the fifth grade gash on class near had a sex change operation we'd be calling him a do set instead of a deuce hi wait a minute he is a he said she has cut down to the worst first off I send this so he's not he's not at all yeah an appendicitis do you say I don't even get it on and it was those first is like I want people like I really wish that somebody turned on the radio just as you said I'm looking for my fifth grader that's a little creepy I get it I get it all right we're gonna play a quick round quick round of open Mike roulette all right we don't often play at but.

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