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And honestly last year is when we really started bonding after right after that. Yeah. We went to New York, and like that's when everything came together. And I feel like also at Coachella around that time like we stayed in the same house. I barely saw barely. Yeah. But like Sunday itself would just like it, solidified our friendship, and then from then on we've had like, so many talks and realize that we have so much so much in common. And it makes sense. Because a lot of people have said in past that, we would be great friends. Yeah. I didn't like it. When it's you you don't know. Like, I I don't really know. I know who I am. But like at the same. I dunno. It's weird thing. No yet and timing's everything very intense. I I. It's kind of weird. But yeah. Well, another thing we really bonded over was like the fact that we're both kind of late bloomers rear thing. What we've discussed this in the beginning. And then actually I've seen a lot of tweets and things that people asking like, what do you mean? Exactly. Can you elaborate elaborate on that for us? Yeah. I think actually, you know, what even before Coachella Coachella? Yeah. It did solidify. But I remember talk we had in Bora Bora. Do you remember that? Okay. What was big bear bored? Boy. And then big that was really. Yeah. I remember the talk on the bed and Bora Bora when Mia and tiff or outside on the or like that what not about getting Taddeo back. No led to the ocean. I don't know if you want the deck. Yeah. So they're like out there. And then you and I were just sitting inside. And just like cried on my God. I remember that. I think we've all had a moment though, when you have a conversation with someone where you feel like they just understand you on such a deep level without even having to say a lot. But. I haven't had that type of moment with a lot of people in my life, and I buy worse special. Yeah. Where like in all honesty, you know, with all my friends, obviously, we all have connections on different levels. But I don't have a connection like you. And I with a lot of people, I know, and I think that's what's so cool about friendships though is because you can have so many different friends in the you bring something different to the table with each one day mean so that was something that I I quickly realized hang out with you is that we always have deep talks about life. Yeah. And struggles and insecurities were normally that's really hard for me to talk about with people. Yeah. I don't know. I also love how this this whole podcast episode is like satellite girls chatty. Ryan. So it's always like that. And I love it. But that is our friendship like every time we hang out at ends with some sort of like deep talk about like life, or whatever. Happening. As always huge out to one of our sponsors. And this week. We have skill Sheridan. We love skill share at pretty basic love. So in fast foods, I've talked about how much I love kale share. And what I've used it for a leash. Oh, would you like to share with us? What you've been using it for guys twenty nineteen new year. New me. Honestly, I'm just I'm on a health fitness kick right now Remi's like, please. On always go through waves. And right now, I'm just I'm riding the wave and great train together this morning. It was so funny. Our trainer like interrupt us. He told me he was gonna take my mouth because I was just like. Love or leash. So we've used a lot before. But right now, I've been using it for fitness and nutrition and finding workouts and stuff, and I think it's amazing. I didn't even realize that it had that because I knew it did photography in those type of hobbies. And so I had this huge epiphany. Oh, I should use app. But I already have in case you guys haven't heard of skill share. And we've just been blabbing on about it. It's an online learning community for creators, and there's over twenty five thousand classes and design business and more just like working out cooking, photography pretty much anything, you can imagine. So it's perfect for the new year of you have.

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