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The ten ten wins traffic center onto the veil with a supply house dot com fan highway patrol Bronx getting slammed out found GWB lower level under the apartments at the entrance ramp from west side highway in a stall blocking one lane then the cross Bronx is just all jammed up from castle who rode into the bridge major Deegan northbound lots of volume pass Yankee Stadium and up to the cross Bronx taking a look at the bridges and tunnels queens brown R. F. K. try burl queens span queenside accident blocks away in G. W. B. twenty to twenty five minute wait inbound and outbound Lincoln and Holland fifteen to twenty and also delays on the outbound Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan bridge looks a lot better this report sponsored by air Italy think big with air Italy book by January ninth and discover Italy on sale discounts of up to twenty five percent Italy a match in the world differently I'm Judy Vale with the supply house dot com band highway patrol it's our studios powered by town fair tire nobody beats town fair tire nobody let's head out to do mounted status it's the family's going on Dennis how happy holidays that is what's on your mind but I about the average you're going the hall of fame following it devotes with which is great but what sets me is and I noticed that the world revolves around me.

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