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Beyond your well fed host, Neil Surveyed a How do you do? Holy Flood. We've got jam packed freaking show today. Ah, lot to get to you've got Oh, man, everything you've got May 5th, which apparently is a big deal. They even have a special name for it. It'll come to me but a lot to get to today and we're gonna start out big. With one of my best buddies in the whole wide world. Armando dilatory from geese are those Um and we'll talk about some new stuff is well, but he's going to lead us in our technique of the week that we start out with every single Saturday. How are you, brother? It's good to see you. Hey, doing the hair These good, Thank God. Everything's good. Yeah, You're You're positive, dude, though, I You know, I'm in the worst. The worst. I've never You said I heard you, you know, Kick a cat or go. Oh, my But it depends who you ask, but I feel so blessed in my life and even those that's one thing I want to take at least a minute, just to thank you for what you did for us restaurants on your show. You know you're always telling people to go to these restaurants and what we're going through and It really did help, at least made me feel good that somebody was out there talking about this stuff, and I just want to thank you for my family and from all my employees. Thank you very much. That's that's nice of you to say I was one of many voices. Hopefully that we're just trying toe. Alan some of this out, So I appreciate you saying that brother but I've been you know, I've been in touch a lot through all this will get into what's going on. And he saw those also a new restaurant that you have on Sunset Boulevard that people that love Seafood need to know about. But let's dive into when I thought about our technique of the week and talking about doing I think of you. You're my man. When it comes just doing explain what he saw those means and and the basics of stewing. Okay, So you saw those means, uh, braise or stew is a G. So so several diesels are SA does and that's what we do in our restaurants. Again. I'm not a trained chef. I'm just the fat kid that was in the kitchen with my mom watching. And you know, she always tell me that brown the meat first. Okay, so we brown the meat If you want to be a thick gravy coat the meat with flour So brown it she she would tell me Take it out of the pot. And I remember asking. What do you think it out? You let your scowl at me? Just just do it. Take them to that better. You do it on the vegetable stock to those until the onions were ever using, because little soft look translucent. You know, just take the bite out of the balls. Season as you go. With the meat back in. Add a couple of your brazenly with just to deglaze the pan. Think to remove the French part of front. Yeah, the little bits that are better brown to the bottom of the pot. So what? You then you add your braising liquid. Just to the top of the meat and vegetables, not above it, not just to the top. And she used whatever you know, Whatever part she had, She didn't have these. What's that? That cast iron coated with? Not like you say you shouldn't have her $800 bracing pants. No started, then. Yeah. And then in those heavy duty tinfoil, uh, things that you get at the grocery store for Turkey's. She would put foil around the lip of the edge. Just keep all the steaming Well, yeah, show she want any of the steam getting out. So she kept put the lid on tight and Bring it to a boil, And once it's out of Boyle, she'd put it in the oven for two hours, two half hours. The pain of what it was she was cooking. That's what I learned was abrasive to be stew. Same thing. Now you're you know you building you're talking about building those flavors, and we hear that a lot. Chefs will say, Yeah, you know you're layering. Whether it's a seasoning like salt, or it's a flavor additives like pepper. You're kind of building those flavors. Then you get into chilies and stuff like that. But right Where do you start? Do you start with the salt when you're building that flavor base? Yeah, I season the meat. Brown it, take it out at the vegetables season. The vegetables And then if I'm gonna use wine in this particular dish like that I was making Ah Pulling days or something like that. I would reduce the wind by half first. Then I poured it and there's more fortified. And then I had whatever stock I'd be using chicken stock, the stock, veal stock, whatever using that's how would fortify the flavors? Yeah, because that reduction by the way when you hear things like reduction and you can buy You know, we associate pan or you could buy a reduction pan. That kind of goes from small to large, and you can get spoons that have measuring march on them. But when When Armando from the Sado says to reduce it. It's not only knocking it down by half. You're releasing all the water. You're it's turning to steam and now you get this really wonderful concentrate. Really intense flavor that is undeniable and can on Lee happen during that process of low slow getting that that out. And if I use herbs with the herbs, and when I put the vegetables in the least the flavor into the best, most dry or fresh at that point Uh, but usually times of time is always dry. Gotcha. Yeah, Yeah. You put it. Yeah. Because oftentimes Parsi these party at the end salon throw up, Put it in the end, so it doesn't get better. Now Some people think it's been a regardless. Yeah, I know. Yeah. People think OJ's innocent to take a swipe out of the bag. All right, my friend. Hang tight. We come back. We're gonna talk more with Armando Dilatory from geese Are those also a new venture that he's got on Sunset Boulevard. If you are a lover of seafood, this one is going to be for you. We'll talk more about doing and the beauty of stewing. It is one of those things especially and I know we're coming up against summer, but Even now, in spring, there's these cold days. Warm days. There's something about that flavor that only comes from that long process that I think is is fantastic. So stick around. We'll come back with more with my buddy. Armando, So a goat know where it is The fourth report. We're doing technique of the week. Let's get the latest news now with Amy King, who was so lucky she got to go to Disneyland, and I'm trying not to hate her in the cave. My newsroom don't be a hater that.

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