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They do it with or you know what their idea of it is. Just don't. Spill it on me, don't aim it at me and what I need to be doing or not doing. You know. Below ran. I appreciate you coming down on this beautiful Sunday Mun in Chapman it up with a total stranger. I could have been setting you up. No, for sure. Man, I think that your your Twitter is is is amazing. Like I 'cause I'm the opposite of that, right? I'm all about jokes in and things like that. And you're just like this positive light on there that that I need every now and then, okay. I have a have a peaceful and you help real that back for sure, man. But if you wanna plug, if there's anything that you wanted to whatever the case might be say, what you're good to go here, I'm representing you and and and just an honor. So I appreciate you know, for sure, man. So so in this podcast, we ended the same way every time. And so we asked all of our guests to try to lobby for us to get Jim Carey. And so we're gonna. We're gonna put like a montage video together and it's a hopefully easier to to get than you think probably. We never know. We haven't even reached out yet, but when we do, we want to have this in a host to put it. Sure. So if you just look in the camera and try to get Jim Carey the to come on a podcast man, Jim, you need to make it happen. You just never know. 'cause he's like all out there like the all in short tollway and you know? Yeah. Bam, showing sweet. Appreciate a man. So they can find you if you wanna have found. Yeah, I'm on Twitter at Sola that Francis on Instagram at brandy is winning. You could check out my website. Brandy Bates dot com. We have podcasts, power, podcasts, I'm there. It is. Well, we appreciate you coming on man and spend some time time is the only luxury we had. Appreciate thank you..

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