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This is not a pill. Now, what's gonna happen with cars? Get Get away. away. And then the car right down the hill. We're going to get out of the way. I mean, God the way we go play Bush. And why are they doing this? They're making progress, but oh and this falls apart here. I look that guy on the left is like say much anymore. I'm done. Guys. Can we look at the moment again when the guy on the left just says, you know, what I'm gonna go with survival and to hell with my friends and this car and any parked cars nearby. What's the gun the left here? Guys this bad idea. I told you guys not to do that never mind. No. I'm just gonna walk. Yeah. That was always going to be about it. That was fun. Peel batum. The joke was funnier. The first time we all heard it. Do you question if this was to cart full? All right. Was this the cars fault? Was it? The tires fault whose fault was this. Let's see if an arrow helps us figure out who's fault. This was a goalies phone. All right. Thank you. Oh, jesus. I've had not that happening. But I've had a tire go off of a car and blow pass me. That's terrifying. Bike your got tired. Get it. Oh for the love of God. Warranted. Question broadcast from the Cleveland their hotel beautiful, south beach Miami. Ton to begin this elite in the court seat. Did anyone else think he was going in the bedroom there because I did? And I'm sorry that might have been the look on my face, you tell us what to watch on television. I tell you for intrigued. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Tonight on MBA league past timber wolves have Pacers. No, but Jason Witten came out of retirement today, perhaps Reggie Miller at fifty three years old should also come out of retirement here. He is he comes to practice. The other day does some of this makes it look easy because he's going to be able to shoot from the nursing home is never going to not be able to shoot is any different than the guy from yesterday who hits thirty one St. three pointers in a minute. He's a little slower his forms a little bit better. He's just going to keep making them. We do sight of how good these people are by the way is he's been on those chords that three point line is pretty damn far, you human beings who aren't NBA players don't realize how far that three point line is in fact, and I will say no, I'm not intrigued. But in fact, Jason Williams once told me it was white chocolate. Jason Williams once told me the first three pointer you ever take on an NBA court will be an air ball. Five dribbles set myself through it up absolute air ball. It's very far away. Bob here you and trio same see in cheap. At least in blend ways washing media, say what how going on. You're supposed to throw off the backboard. That's the way from the chest. Backboard. That's why Reggie's retired. Streaming uninterrupted the six cents with Chris Paul Gerald green. Well, let's see if this is fun. Chris Paul, you saw acting very well in a commercial recently with James harden, perhaps here he is with Gerald green. How well do these two teammates? You didn't like the acting in. That was okay for athlete. Grading on the athlete curve. Let's check in with Chris Paul Gerald green and see how well they know each other NBA teams play on name. Gail Greene questioning rockets you play from Minnesota's that's a tough one people would know that they don't play in Boston you play for Phoenix. Did you do ten Dallas? Yes. I do. New jersey. For the Pacers. May my goodness. I forgot both forget Miami. Did they vote forget Miami? I think Gerald green for Miami is intriguing. No, I'm wondering why it's called the six cents for Chris Paul thing shouldn't that Lou Williams podcast or something. It's a little confusing. How about you Papi? Are. You intrigued. Oh, Saint si. Very intrigued green. He played for the heat. How did he forget how you know? Couldn't you. Remember, you know, he has some great moments. Like, let me see. We all forgot. I mean, he forgot he for them. That's all we'll have to. Thank you for washing. We got is replaced tomorrow. Bobby? We've got somebody in there. Instead of is he coming back tomorrow. Hey, see he's coming back tomorrow.

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