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Mm hmm. All right. So look, as girl was saying, we're gonna get some kind of relief package in the next month or so trillion dollars. 1.9, who knows? What we do know is that there is still money from the last bill, the $900 billion package that just passed at the end of last year that hasn't been spent yet. But does that matter? Marketplaces have we been ashore went in search of an answer, depending on how you count it. The feds have put up about $4. Trillion of pandemic related relief so far, loans tax cuts spending. There's a lot of money still in the pipeline. Mark Gold wine is senior vice president of the committee for a Responsible federal budget about three trailer that is out the door. The other trillion is either making its way out the door as we speak or is still waiting to be spent. More than half of that unspent money is from the $900 billion relief bill passed in December. Michael Strain is an economist, the American Enterprise Institute. And two big chunks of that our second drop tpp loans that have yet to be issued and unemployment insurance benefits. Obviously, unemployment benefit money wouldn't be spent by now. You don't get marches, unemployment check in early February. With the P P p loans there is, I think some uncertainty about whether or not all these funds will be spent now, money not spent does not necessarily equal money not needed their structural issues with the program. Not everybody can get a second loan. Melissa Chang is with nonprofit good jobs first. Leftover p P p. Money is actually in an account sitting there, But other expenses like unemployment are more like Congress, saying We'll spend it if we need to mark Gold wine. And if that ends up costing more than 120 billion, so be it. If it hasn't cost me less than 120 Million, so be it. But whether this or that program spends everything was expected to is actually very different argument from how much total need is out there in the economy. In New York. I'm sorry, Ben. Ashore for MARKETPLACE..

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