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Producers and made a bunch of movies as the Martial arts consultant. But for this movie, what happened is that there's a guy who was caught breaking in to someone elses home. It turns out that person was a martial arts expert and in the process of training him. The other, the the martial art experts son dies, and so he becomes the surrogate son and then eventually get sent to go to this tournament but also he's in the military and to do the tournament he has to run. It sounds convoluted, right? Yeah. It. Wrong. It sounds like a story that somebody would have made up almost like taking it up as their pitching the story to Hollywood executive. Yes. But basically it's about a guy that goes to martial arts tournament and. It's also very nationalistic. So it's like, Hey, USA defeats the world. Yeah. You might say not Mari Racist no-holds-barred. Full contact martial arts to the death tournament that no one's ever heard of and yet there are reporters there and yeah. I have to be honest though it was significantly less racist than no-holds-barred i. I haven't seen the hope for a long time, but I did just do course liquor throw some Chinese food on the ground and the dog didn't eat it so. Also, this movie does have African warriors at up around the monkees. Decided not to address. Algorithm. It's pretty tough but I mean every touch back on the part where he goes invades his neighbor's house that training he did was just I don't know it seemed a little off this sitting training montage in this movie is like my most favorite training montage out of anything I think rocky gets all the credit. But this movie is the one where we like literally watch people do stuff and tried to figure out how to like how do we set that up so that we can do that same exact thing and be that cool like closing and then you're teaching wailing you with bamboo at. Virtual does the most important part of martial arts training is slow post, slow pose and finger position. Basically it's cutting. I have to. Be Honest. Like the first fifteen minutes of this movie also could event a Prequel to fifty shades of grey. Got, I think you watch the different version of fifty shades of grey. I. I. May have only you know read the magnetic. The back. Cover. There's the lead into things getting started is really really slow, and then there is the section in there where it is just cutting back and forth between DAB for so long in this. Weird. Weird away and and it has like it doesn't matter like guys go fight each other but right? Yeah. We don't need to know that he's doing this. For his his it's not sense I forget what the term that they use is. Because I don't know that he's really doing it because he wants to beat people up. Be, the task. I don't understand the purpose of that split like torture like the one where this there is so much foreshadowing in this movie it's amazing. He has got like the slates. He's got the tea party..

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