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Wells time he comes back just in time life whilst John Now he says he's played when he's fit and he would have been playing around? How do you fit in time for light to play around with it? And of course the first of these two games I think you only lasts was fifty default sixty minutes buckle of Madrid fans people image of the saying. We're just aren't by this anymore. We play games. Yeah I think he. It's it's curious it's because what Madrid have done over the last. I also is to try. And soften this a little bit and of course Real Madrid quite like the idea of this being expressed does because as you know. This is against the media really against us against the media so that suits them in a way because it and I was into a smooth the edges off a little bit of course they recognize that they in theory at least he's a very big asset so it doesn't really help to try and punish him on not lame play again that he might be useful so therefore they might as well use them. I think this has reached breaking point in so much as the relationship is difficult. Won't be fixed now but that was true in the summer and he didn't go anywhere and of course it's not that easy to find someone for him to go the everyone except they. He'll accept the wages. The club will want him. The railroad will accept the departure. Wherever it's in terms of the transfer fee or the client? Kind of club he goes to him reinforces and so while the problem is there and it's not going to be fixed is not necessarily going to be resolved by him leaving so I think in the meantime I think Madrid's out to Judas can be useful. He's going to end up playing again. Scrape interesting to see whether he's available for the next game on the on the pretense that he said pointed out that he's only ever played for for Wales. It was recently. Yeah I think it was. I think it was as I mentioned before childish an encore for you. Got To try. And you'RE GONNA try and rise above that kind of stuff but I get the feeling that got bill said. She's not get the feeling that he's he's consort Madrid laughing all this frenzy about however getting doper borough and feeling is actually not that bothered. which is the problem in itself self and it's a shame it's all coming? This way seems to be so it going this way I think is going to end one way eventually. And that's clear it'll be bailing Madrid Economi in one way. Let's be honest especially given what we've seen over the last few few months but I just think and China's approval would for it. It's calling attention. Turns your falling out that I don't think these I think are well wherever his next port of clueless. I'm just not sure. What is there to gain in? What already was negative environment before any of this happened to create more hostility? So that when you come back to reality and it's Stephen Moore Hall style than it was before not sure that you gain anything from that. It's great mentioned. Be Interesting to see if he features this weekend roundtree take on real social. Look good so far this season as an amateur with a chance to go to the top.

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