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Nine fox was rob that the clippers you can pencil them in for the nba. Finals daryl in phoenix. You're on the. I couple of fox sports radio what's up. You're talking about darrell. Awesome austin i guess i guess the city what's up down. How are you. Hey what's going on man. I've been trying to get you a long time. I've been listening to you. Man you guys awesome. Thank you good to have. You're definitely a dynamic door. Sports radio now up in my book. So thank you my man. But but yeah i've been i've been Watching basketball a long time. I'm sixty six years old grew up teaneck new jersey and You know during the jordan air. There's a reason why barkley and you know malone and all those guys didn't get a ring because jordan so now lebrons out. And i mean you know kawais hungry you know he's got that killer matt You know killer instinct and paul george. I believe they're gonna take you know rob's going to go after you for for saying lebron was keeping everybody from getting rings yes because lebron was helping dishing out rings. You kidding mike. In the final he was in the final one winning. We lost six times more than any money. You know you say. He say that he was winning. But you know what it takes to get to final. I mean give you know he he dominated on a certain level now he didn't dominate like jordan jordan dominate. The jerry windsor. Nine look ryan dominated the east jerry west winter nine finals. He's running aid. So i mean i. Nobody's celebrating jerry west in the lease the logo is. I mean. that's that's his. That's his reward of believes. say yes. is it andrea massachusets. You're on the odd couple of fox sports radio evening gentlemen. Thank you brother. Well good to be with you. Listen to the clippers. I can't give them a free pass to the nba finals. Based off the facts. They finally put together a complete game. You know up what seventeen after the first quarter of twenty something after the second quarter they just kinda ran away with against utah. But this is the first that we've seen a definitive decisive. La clippers team so they got to show me something they go back on the road to utah in that game. Five to determine who's gonna hold twin series and they're up even if they do get past the utah jazz they gotta go on the road to play against the red hot phoenix suns. I like the movement. A you know. But i don't know if they're going to stay this together. This in tuned for the duration of the playoffs. I think to me this is his piggy piggy. Is that what you're saying. The sun's going to go to final fantasy that small market year for the jazz at the sun to break through and get to the finals. The big guy to get a small market year based on anything. I mean if that was the case utah was up to old made. It looked like a lot of people thought it was over or close to a hat..

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