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You Google Nike Shoes. You're telling us on the specific. Yeah on facebook. Given who you're friends with or the groups they like tells you something specific most the Pixel Rate Datu in on twitter. It's IT'S A smaller audience. But that audience to your point can be such highly engaged audience inside is engaging with news and content In such an interesting way like I'm this is actually after. I left twitter but one thing I saw. That was really cool was Disney Disney plus when they launched a couple months ago. They did this thing and I don't I. It's a really cool feature haven't seen they're really available to everyone where you could say like this tweet. It was a twitter about demand. Lauren which is cool. Sarwar show. We've already talked about it. I was a big Fan. Oh it's so good Jon favreau and that shows wonderful into stores in general I can come back to a star wars. Absolutely call me but what was really what they said you know I think was before the show came out like this tweet men Lawrence coming out on a couple of weeks and for like this tweet we will. Dm You every time. A new episode drops. I love it and I was like. Whoa what an interesting engagement tactic. That's see that's like. That is a brilliant marketing tactic. But it's even better customer success tactic because the I did that I liked it because I was like I. I'm like I don't know when these are going to be coming out and I don't know and I just got Disney plus I don't know and I don't follow any traditional news channels so mike. How do I know when stuff comes out? Yeah I think about it all the time in fact if any listeners. Have some type of capability like that like absolutely send it our way will promote it but I like I totally agree. That is such a brilliant thing and if you think about the evolution of that tool in twitter as something that advertisers could leverage or like any. Tv show should be using that right. You get it do you. You get it right. You know when I'm building content for customers or prospects I'm always thinking about. How do we create something that is timely relevant engaging total rape and? I feel like that that piece of that feature or that tactic sort of knocks. All three of them out of the park. Ray because its relevance knows that I'm the Disney probably already knew it was a Disney plus subscriber knows that it's relevant to me any. They know that I follow bar camel and I follow Star Wars Somali. Okay this guy's GonNa you know it's relevant. It's really engaging because it gives me a really cool action to take can just press one button and I got. I understand the benefit right so it's engaging and then the timeliness of it is perfect because one the show is coming out so it's like really timely and when I get that. Dm It's to show. Is here click here to watch that episode and I have found over my career that once if you're able to put content in front of a custom that hits those three marks your engagement rates go through the roof. Your conversion goes the roof. Your customer satisfaction goes through the roof. And I think that's such a great example of of a of a business innovating to create advertising or in customer engagement tools that allows businesses to exactly that wonder how much that cost. We should look at that for marketing. Trends that will be great. The sodas that just great. Yeah I'll share from my twitter like hey when you want new episodes Just like this tweet. Yeah no I love it. I mean and and there's another segment of the twitter sphere that I think is super fascinating under appreciated Unless you have any sense about this but like super I don't know what they're called active passive users mine. People like who like. I'm trying to think of getting my brother. Something like this doesn't really liked any stuff doesn't really comment ever Just scroll through the feed every day like every morning every night scroll through follows new people but doesn't really engage with the content but is like I am a monthly active user generated media And I think that there's just so many people out there now that like every now that you can see whether it's instagram or twitter. Whatever who liked what you can look at all that you get more and more people that are like I'm just not gonna like anything anymore because they don't want people to know what I'm making but you are looking at Maybe you're looking at accounts that you shouldn't be or whatever it is or maybe have the burners Katie I think that those audiences are so like interesting to target and if you give them a reason to engage that super super valuable And they wouldn't normally be engaged. That's right when wet I've been an avid for a but even early might twitter usage. I didn't really tweet. I rarely liked and by even though I'm a homeowner you're at times subscriber. I actually rarely start reading my news on the New York Times APP. I survived because they don't have access to those stories but I often get the stories directly from the writers on twitter because I follow my favorite writers and once they posted news story. I just click from there and I go straight into reading so There's so much of that and then it's a lot of those users also only tweet when they have a customer service complainer. Make this if you call somebody to complain you on the phone for an hour and then you hang up if you send him an email to blackbox never going to hear back but if you tweet at a brand to complain about something thirty seconds or like how can we help you redeem redeeming you. So it's it. There's there's definitely a lot of people who are more passive users but will get a lot of value engagement from from twitter. I I used to be one of those myself okay. Any final thoughts on on the best tips for twitter. What should our our marketing trends listeners? Keep an eye out for yeah. That's a good question Look I think the coolest thing about twitter is that it allows you to participate in cultural events in a way that no other platform allows you to write. I think as marketing moves into the space. Where it's harder advertise if people because people are buying themselves out of advertising distribution then one way to really getting them is when there is a cultural conversation taking place if you can contractually interject your brand in it. You can get a lot of impressions and a lot of consideration from that. Here's a great example was gonNA been awhile remember there was a When there was a blackout in the middle of the Super Bowl and Orios. Yeah 'cause I mean really cool. I forget exactly what he did. This is sort of an old example but there are just so many conversations taking place or even when the Peleton ad they just came out a couple months ago and everyone went after it and then I think James Franco had a brand of Tequila and they did like they create. They did an ad right leg a fast follow had the same actress and use those routes and twitter was the place where that conversation was taking place in. Twitter was a place that he he interjected that story so again to go back one gray way for brands to get to get in front of users is to participate in the cultural conversation. Best taking place in Meek Brand. Relevant twitter is often where the conversations taking place. Because that's where that's where that that timeline is is is where those conversations are happening so my tip is if you can find opportunity for your brand to interject an a story now. You have to be careful. You can backfire but but I think if you do it well and any awful way it can be a real source of leads. Exposure and ultimately conversion speaking of interjecting Before we get. Outta here we're going to do our lightning round. These questions are fast in order the lightning round of..

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