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Their rent's for we're going to skip the rest of the sixty second hand and get right back into the podcast that's we transfer dot com you make we transfer guess i'll just soliloquy somewhere else outside this gaping hole left in the studio school he was wet it was soaking wet that was sorry for that rachel we gotta work security here we have interruptions very very frequent sleeping on the floor hey okay okay let him sleep let him sleep tom cruise breaks out of prison he's but not before going and getting his cellmate debugged everyone's favorite character he's good care yondo of this film he's a little yonder a little what's kanada yeah it just pops up you don't like i always feel like a test of a good kind of large scale filmmaker is understanding the economic of the movie star they're working with and how to introduce them properly and bradford's introduction shop where he reveals tom cruise like from behind in profile in the shadow and it's like yeah but he's tom cruise is all you need to we get it we know it's creepy orchestrates this whole like what i love is he's being rescued and tom cruise takes over the rescue and makes it like he pluses it gets stressed out 'cause they're like just do the eight a we're just going to drill a hole no no no i gotta do all this fun stuff kicking the head so good closing doors and then he says light the fuse yeah he lights the fuse credit sequence begins shows you the whole movie and that's just brad bird bragging where he's like you won't believe how fucking good this movie is like look at this look at this thing that's going to happen says he took from the tv show.

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