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That I found out that I got it and then during filming. I'M GONNA every. So in Emily I'm I'm in every scene right? So there's no days off but I flew back to La for twenty four hour periods only twice while I was filming I was in the air longer than I was on the ground I think. I'd fly like on a Friday. Or Saturday morning. Get to La Saturday morning. Go to rehearsals all Saturday Sunday morning get back on a plane fly through the night, get off the plane sleep for like four hours and go into work five am so it was the craziest experience, but it was like you have to do it and I'm like okay. Oko from. Emily Harris to Lilly in L. A. and I'll get off the plane. zonked out of my mind you know at least I sleep whole flight but then go into rehearsals David and some of the cast, and then jump back on the plane and it's just this crazy. It was crazy whirlwind but but I got to do both and then quarantine hit and it was like Oh my God it's like. I got my fair share of kind of running all over the place before it happens. You know I I would've I can't even imagine what I would. I would regret not having taken those those shots and those chances. So I think may closed down like near days. finished. Rather mere days before quarantine for Emily, I was doing Agr from my closet for me and I did some agr forming in quarantine as well? So it all they all kind of finished wrapped up while we were going through this I, feel really lucky that it didn't get put on hold or something. You know it was crazy crazy timing. That's pretty incredible. When will you feel comfortable going back to a set. So I. I've gone back to set to do campaign work for photo shoot and everyone had to be tested before you know there's rigorous paperwork. Before you go in temperature checks. There's everyone's wearing masks and shield. There's like someone who was hired just to walk around making sure that everything happens. Correctly there's e- sanitation You know there's sanitation like sprays are going off every however many edson. -tary stations and I mean it, there were shields around hair makeup wardrobe. You know it's It's it's strange because I'm such a personable person and I love the Camaraderie Element of what we do But I I really respect the. Rigorous process of figuring out what the new normal will be until there's whether it's a vaccine or away that everyone is universally going to go back to some form of a normal at work but I feel like. What is it a part of so far? and. The amount of of testing needed and the you know proof of everything that you're doing and kind of not traveling and not I feel like. I have been a part of. Sets where they've done it really well, and I felt very safe and I know that a lot of my friends have started to go back to work and you know productions are starting again. So I think that everyone's finding what that is I won't be putting myself in a situation where I don't feel like they've taken the proper time and etiquette to figure that out. But so far I feel like I did a part of it a couple times that felt good and felt right and I felt really safe. So I think it's just you know as we know like watching the news things are changing every day and places are opening up and then closing and then. They're like. Okay. So now it's at this capacity and there's this and I I just at the beginning. I didn't WanNa feel like a test dummy like I want to kind of watch it progress and see. What sticks and how it's working and what's happening and I can only control how safe I feel and what I do and wearing a mask and getting tested and and staying clean and staying home. When I need to, you know this press towards very strange. I mean it was was going to be like a worldwide tour with of traveling and getting see the cost and being with my my friends that we take on the road and gets do and collaborate with but it's different and and it's different because everyone's being safe and I. I miss elements of what was but I'm really grateful to get to still do it in the way that is you know and it's a constantly evolving. Evolving process right now. So I'm just Saying as kind of as smart as I can be I think and everyone just as smart as they can be you know hopefully will get that. Whatever the new normal is sooner rather than later. Many cities supposed to go on for this. Don't even know I just know that it was supposed to be a lot. I feel like it was supposed to be a lot of air. Time which I'm not complaining about being home, I mean as someone who's usually always away. It's been really nice to actually Max and be at home but I am no, I do know that. In the picking of specific looks and outfits for whatever presses happening. It's a lot of tops and a Lotta Pajama bottoms. And very weird and there's no shoes. So it's like all earings now. Just funny. It's like the things you don't actually think about when you're just like Oh. Yeah. You know I like used to wear this or I used to have to think about this or now we can actually schedule a lot more because it's from home and it's in the computer and. It's just strange. You know but like I said I'm I'm very grateful to get still do what we can and everyone's having to have. It doesn't matter what industry you're in everyone's pivoting and. I think I think at the time that I've taken really for self reflection and and prioritizing and figuring out who I am when stripped of. Being. Able to see certain people and do certain things that I love and certain distractions and. Going out and like all these things you're faced with that metaphorical mirror and you're kind of like. Who Am I and what do I want? Accomplish what I WANNA be a part of moving forward of what's important to me how have I learned about myself and different things going on in the world through this period? Not Letting, shaver embarrassment of things maybe you weren't as aware of before, prohibit you from learning more you know and so I think it's been a really important time for that. Oh God. Well, you know. I'm somebody who I love what I do but I've never let what I do define who I am and I think that as I've gotten older I, do express myself through my work and my creativity but I also. I really pride myself on like the friends and loved ones that I've surrounded myself with and it's been. A really great time for me to stay connected to those people and I'm very introspective person I love learning. About humanity and human mind and emotions, and why we are the way that we are and why we think we think and I've used this time to like listen to a lot of podcasts meet a lot of books and just do like a lot of soul-searching I'm just someone who loves that. It's self care at this time right now and understanding ourselves better and realizing the inner workings of who we are is a way to. Stay Sane and stay centered and figure out the next way you can be creative. So it's been about like getting out and breathing and being in nature of war, and that's who I was as a kid going from English countryside.

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