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Win an aside last night, GP real quick on this because I do believe this top four candidate right now for national champion. I would have them there. I have that much belief in the team because of the veteran, the veteran presence on this group, man. Yes, they've got some good young talent, but between Campbell, hawkes, Jalen Clark is a beast on the defensive end, singleton is super reliable. They've just got enough there and veteran point guard play, that right now, I'd go, I don't know, and no order, Houston perdue, UCLA, you have to put, frankly, we're just talking basketball. They're going to have the guys like Bama has to be in that conversation. Did I mention Kansas? If I mentioned 5 there, that's probably the 5. UCLA having that group. I just find them to be super steady and super reliable. Are you generally speaking? Are you in on UCLA as among the three, four, 5 at most, most likely national title contenders? Yes. I have them 5th in the top 25 and one right now. They check every box. They've got the greatest coach in UCLA history. They have NBA talent, they have experience, how many podcasts is obviously both of those things. He's a future NBA player who is also super experienced. They're experienced at point guard. Yeah, they have everything you have to have to win a national championship. I don't know that they will, but they can. They have the stuff you need. Okay. Can I ask you one more question? You didn't ask me however many questions you want. UCLA's all fine and good, but I'm just a little surprised here. That's all. Okay, the pickup two quad quad one wins in one night. I mean, very few coaches can do that. It might just be cronin. But John, somebody pointed out, you never did. John would never even got one quadrant one win. If you think about it, and Mick cronin is just out there randomly on a Thursday night, getting two. And picking up two quad one wins in one night. That's all he's doing. He's just asking questions, going out on Thursday, grabbing two quadrant one wins. I mean, what are we even talking about? Why don't we stay in the court? Nail can stay. There we go. But you have to go in on UCLA when, you know, Illinois comes back from 19 down to end a northwestern 5 game winning streak, Karen Shannon returns after missing the past few games, drops 26, huge. I mean, I thought you were the conductor or as you would say, the engineer of this train, but did they just, they just boot you off in the middle of a desert passage and you're just strolling by yourself. Have you been booted off the train? Is that why you didn't want to bring up what Illinois pulled off and champagne on Thursday night? I am the captain. Look at me. Look at me. I'm the captain. Where's your hat? I need a hat. I'm the captain now. But at a respect for the ghost of Tom finale, I didn't want to bring any attention to Illinois good anymore. There's a track record here. Every time I tell you how great Illinois is doing, it gets real bad real quick. And so at a respect of our late colleague, I just staying out of it, you know? I'm just staying out of it and hoping things continue to go well. All right, well, I will congratulate Illinois on getting a good win. Continuing to molasses up that Big Ten race because northwestern is now two games behind Purdue as I've been saying for 7 years now Purdue is going to be the 2023 Big Ten champion, theta Copley. And now you've got northwestern with 6 losses, then right behind him, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, Indiana all with 7. Michigan state has 7. And then behind them, Rutgers, which took an L Michigan beat Rutgers. That was actually necessary for Michigan's at large life, which is they're still not in the bracket. But Rutgers, Iowa also have 8 losses. It is just a complete quagmire in the middle there. And a northwestern lost for the first time in 6 games as an underdog. He had won 5 in a row as a dog. So it was on the road, no shame in that we've talked about how tough the rest of that schedule is on the way now northwestern will play this Sunday against Maryland. We had a headline break Friday morning GP. You want to get to that? Old myth has announced that Kermit Davis has coached the rebels for the final time. Everybody expected Kermit would not return next season for a 6th season. I think that's fair to say. But I don't know that we expected it to pop in February with three regular season games remaining. Ultimately, I don't guess the timing matters much, but it is official now, Kermit Davis is out at old miss and the rebels will have a new coach next season. Yeah, this is not a surprising development. There was even, frankly, a year ago, there was rumor mongering that olmes would open, Mike white would go to his Alma mater instead, Mike white slipped out the side door and got that Georgia job in the dark at night and here we are. And so all men had not been a good team. This was expected. I didn't expect it to happen this morning. But it did happen. Kermit is out. We have heap praise on Kermit. He's a good dude, good coach. And we just need more guys named Kermit and sports. I think that's been really the primary stands for parish, right? Yes.

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