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We'll be discussing summer slam nineteen ninety-two british bulldog. Headlined the shelf. then it is some time. Sorry i had to do that. no that's it. I mean y'all puerto of my nonsense before so in terms of all the stuff that i'm plugging so just keep doing all those things. I mentioned every week. But also yeah. Come hang out with us at this festival. it's going to Because it's just us. We're still going to have fun But we would. But we would very much like you there lizzy yet. Please make us feel more popular than we are. Please come visit the lunch table on our own gets so definitely the festival and just because we didn't get chance to talk about it and this is not the place but tag team turmoil much. I loved it. I would like to promote that for myself. Going to joined you something to plug. Yeah okay so. There was a really great spaces. Chat between sugar dunker ten tasha steals and big zwolle. Tasha of course works for impact and big works. For eighty w and sugar facilitated this great chat between the two of them and what. It's like to be black women wrestlers working for big corporations. Both of them had a lot of things to say. That was great. And if you're one of the people who were lucky to listen to it. It was fantastic. And as i was listening to it. I thought it was a bummer. Because these aren't Spaces chats aren't archive. You can't listen to them. After their finished to my knowledge so as i was writing it all down i thought oh somebody should really write these things out to the people who don't have time to listen to do that and then i thought i'm going to do that because i'm already doing right now. So i compiled a big list of It's not like an exact transcript or anything. It's a lot of paraphrasing with the biggest points that they made about the whole thing. So if you didn't get a chance to hear it and you wanna know what was said You can go to the facebook group and it should be one of the pin featured post that. I made right there so just go right there. You'll love it. Lindsey got her. Tony's dolly's discourse validated by big swollen. Which was fantastic. So many great lines. Great look back on what. They're trying to do what they what they believe. In why they're trying to make things better for themselves and all the other women that they work with highly recommend going reading it. Julian being the change a scorching rebuke of cricket. Wireless so fucking funny. Maximum thought his laura swisher. Mike eagles the voice behind our theme music. So we're putting him over for that. Keep up with us all week long on facebook twitter and instagram links. To all of those are in our show notes if you love what we do. Remember to hit those five stars on apple podcasts and sheriff's with all your friends thank you so much to the max fund members who make this show possible.

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