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In time against us by the hang out with us they had thanks to Shell Pennzoil Performance Line. Yeah, this game is still going on. Eagle's doesn't matter who wins. It doesn't matter who loses. When it comes to the NFC least. It's going to be all about Danny Jones. Daniel Jones himself the Giants quarterback. You had a chance to run for a serious serious touchdown when he got to the 22 year old line and all hell broke loose. As my cantina produces it. It should be a new hashtag called Danny Dives. Is that Danny Dimes? I'm completely with him on that one. No matter what happens with this game that is going to be topic one When it comes to this game, evolve the judge Eagles by not Judge Lee to 14 to 10 to fourth quarter just got started. That dude, I'm a weighted helmet is something like that. Like what? What is like a helmet from toys with Robin Williams? How do you feel like what happened Because he is running perfectly. And there's no one around him. And only really has to do. Freddy is just keep running is really not that complicated. This isn't a guy who had to allude somebody in front of him. Nope. He does has to stay on that path to get into the end zone. Nothing in front of him. Right? And then you end up with the funniest name. Of anything that's happening in the film. I'll bet you this based on the way he's playing a decade from now, that'll be the thing we remember about Daniel. Sure, it won't be how he played. It won't be any of that is going to beat that moment right there. His grandkids were looking to say, Granddaddy. What happened? I don't talk about each apple sauce and the sea along. That's what that's going to be when he has grandchildren sitting around him on the front porch, and they bring that up on their phone. Is this. You and me? Wiki getting great sweets, by the way, Coleman, ESPN ESPN. What was the funniest fall that ever happened to you? Frankly, vexes was trying to jump some stairs at school to impress the girls. It was going great. So I tried one too many, and I went down hard front tooth was m I A How's Oh, man out, Lost two lost. The two is one thing to lose respect in front of girls in high school when you're losing dental work. Whole different. It's got hold of Jennifer Hartal says as a student trainer, East Tennessee State University. We had a dome with a turf field underneath was a track in long jump pit. Does a turf monster around 20 ran out for a timeout. Tripped bottles flew everywhere. Fans nearby stood and applauded Jennifer when that happened, How quickly do you get up? I've got to take about I get up and take about taking about about him apart. I'm having fun with that period because that's all you can do it. You've already taken the hell Oh, man, the way Daniel Jones did. I mean, lovely. This is it. I mean, this is an important game on what you imagine if they were good. This is the playoffs or something like that. Or the Super Bowl off. That'd be The end of him completely. And in Buffalo, 8887293776 and my friend was the funniest fall that ever happened to you. Okay, So I'm doing landscaping downtown buffalo using Ah, ride. Well, it's ah, walk behind more modified with one of those Cyclops wheels in the back, right? And so I get to this location. I put my handbrake on and reach down to put it in neutral in the hand, brake pops. So I start spinning in a circle going like 15 miles an hour. I'm hanging on with one hand backwards. The more places before words and I'm going and I'm trying to reach for the right hand brake and it hops over the eight inch curb and I go flying like Superman. Land on my knees in the middle of square people all around the right. I look up my molars going to the traffic. I try to hop up and go and I broke my foot tibial plateau fracture. So I stand up kind of taste my more and I just sack of potatoes down on my own Like good, Everybody. Okay, picturing that right now, Can you imagine? And also you look up, and there's your tractor about the cause of car pile up like the idea of you spinning Yes, circles first, and then getting tossed like that's the real insult. It is one thing to this fall, but to get set up in thrown a lower that takes a real tears in my eyes. Just thinking about that right now. I'm glad he's okay now. But back then, my goodness. He's my friend. Moment on Freddy and Fitz Simmons presented by the progressive insurance with all this all started. Yeah, just spin him around quite a lot like a cartoon. You there. You are watching this thing, spin him around and they would just throw. Oh, my goodness. Any above glad you're glad he has a sense of humor about to do. Oh, my goodness. Wow. Yo, Adrian says on Twitter. You know when you're tripping, you catch yourself and do a dance like you meant to do it outside of the cool from the first time at a wedding and dropped the three glasses. Daniel Jones. This is your fault, man. If you if you had gone into the end zone have been 80 yard Touchdown run, everybody says See, that's why we drafted him in the top 10 against the sports world and the Twitter world has gone completely haywire. That's what this game needed. When you got these two bad teams in the NFC least you needed some kind of talking point. And here it is. This is gonna be layers tomorrow because, like when all the smart people on Twitter get a hold of this, and they turn into something, I mean, it's going to be it will be. The funniest thing you see on Friday will be this. The doctored video of Daniel Jones followed. I get guarantee the Giants win this game and like we mentioned right now that leading 14 attended, threatening the score again. They're an eagle's territory with less than 10 minutes of play. In the fourth quarter. If they win the press conference questions. I'm not going to be anything in terms of the game. You got this victory the Cowboys lose. You'll be in a tie for first place in the NFC East. You want two in a row? No. Daniel Jones to the podium and let the comedy begin. If the Giants win this game, he has to answer those kind of questions. Listen, if you are reporter with access to that press conference You have to ask about the fall like nothing else really matters. No one cares about the future. Daniel Jones. What This means for the division. How did you fall like that? To me? It should be the story that comes Out of this entire them And you hope of your Daniel Jones like you can't take yourself too seriously. You have got to laugh about it to you. It's got to become a thing you can and giants don't do this. Don't make Don't say we're not going to be doing with Jones available to the press. We're concentrating on the town. It would be awful. Completely awful. The something like that where you may even get Daniel say it is the worst thing that happens to me this year. Then we're going to be more than okay, even in a bad division, and then we had a terrible start to the season. Dad, you absolutely have fun with it to your point. Yeah. I mean, this guy's on a franchise that's falling on its face multiple times, and it happens to him. He's got to see the humor in that I would think because Lord knows we do keep weighing in at Coleman, ESPN and ESPN. What was the funniest fall that ever happened to you Weigh in at med camp by ESPN and a Coleman ESPN and be heard right here good more level and in buffalo more throwing him and then the more just goes into traffic. When your father was my my mind. We got more next to it was covered up. Just keep it right here on ESPN Radio and ESPN app. Don't miss a minute of Sanjay will just tell you smart speaker to play ESPN radio now playing ESPN radio. Check him out tomorrow morning, starting at six Eastern on ESPN Radio.

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