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So this should be a short time out while marked the fifteen it's going to be second out of more than three arch to go for forced out by the way the ah sake one barkley 92 yard touchdown run that is now the fiesta goal record the longest previous one from scrimmage in the playstation fiesta boy was eighty four yards of that was also by a penn state and this netflix and chafee fields that came against texas twenty years ago 1997 james franklin was tell on as the story about practice in sake one barca lead passcatching skills he came out on a little swing passing the ball was well thrown from mcsorely or whoever this quarterback was he reached back behind his head and caught at one hand it took it up field and all the people that were there watching practice they all gas and james franklin said you everybody that you the the players of the coaches they just kinda yonder saying what were you surprised he does at all the time it as nothing surprising dustin he is amazing it is the first time i've gotten to see him with the with the naked eye in shift i poppy his down pike second of three washington at the fifty the pitch state routing it works out of the gun running play and not get a down to the twelve yard line that was cabinda early in talking about him before stopping 'obon hold and figured at downhill now about thurdin to her so if they get a downhill here get a fourth an wander third batter maybe even and is a little yardage at the fort the two one and a half i think that there's a chance the coach pete might go i took her down coming up for washington the little us through to the casket of a bricks to tackle news with your roommate now the huskies protocol back in this one fourth trip to the goal of the second quarter no we talked about it earlier they like to use miles gaskin as a wildcat quarterback and third and short situations a sneak emitted behind the center i saw sets up a crease inside in took it and there was nobody home at the second level visit kano the extrapoint try try to cut this gap to 14 points at the kickers good.

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