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Yes Name is a great Cincinnati Reds Hall of Famer who died last year. Second basement. One went to work for ESPN there for a little while on their baseball begins. Yeah. I don't think you're gonna get him right. Or that doesn't open the door for you. Bill on Twitter. Got it. It's Bill Morgan. No, but I mean, he might. He might have a brother named Bill. I'm not really sure. It's Stanley Morgan, would you, Morgan? I didn't was not going to get that. No, I was prepared. Almost give that to you and say All right, Stanley Morgan, Let's move on that Z made up. Stanley Morgan Stanley More Bridge Firmer. No, no, he went before. I believe it's Morgan Stanley, isn't it? J. P. Morgan Chase. Isn't there a Morgan Stanley broken Anyway, he was He's in the Pats Hall of Fame. Stanley Morgan, So it's not made. Julian Edelman was the genesis of this trivia. Is he? Is he the best Julian ever does He get the least that Julian Lennon's Was better. Julian Edelman or Julian Lennon, Julian Julian Julian How many Julian's are there? Julia in a San Julian Julian Julian. One, drawing a blank on Julian Julian Edelman might get the number one spot. Yeah, There's not a lot of there's Claude Julien. But spelled differently and last name Julian first name. Anybody anybody spelled. I'm trying to think you could spell it A n r e n right. Julian first name, but I got I got nothing for famous Julian's. It's a really short list. All right, let's make this a very small wing in the Hall of Fame because it's two names. Hang on. I know we got to get the break. I'm just old man. We're really late. Sorry. Famous ship. Julie, who is joyous, a sound. You did name that Julianna son. Don't know. Uh, it's right up there with your American gladiators. You're far I'll just leave it. Julian being whose Julian being Julian Lloyd Webber. Julian Swinger, a Julian Salad. Oh, yes, Sure. Sure. He and I'II and any I love Julian Salad. By the way. They're very good. Julian Salad. That's good. I'll put that ahead of that woman actually ate all three Oh, 5 50 to join us. 8885 52 5 50. Hey, we'll talk bills football. What do they need going into the draft? We'll get some thoughts from sound Mayor on a Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. He is on the way Next on WDR stay connected to our shows and get in on the conversation. Follow us on Twitter at W G. R 5 50..

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