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All right. We're talking about the Baltimore City crime problem. The new Felice Commissioner, whoever that's going to be Jovic euro on the Baltimore City council going down interviewing people, find out more about Joel FitzGerald. And they come back not knowing any more than perhaps, they knew when they went down there because you had a mixed bag of what people thought people in the know what they thought about Joel FitzGerald. We'll talk about that a little bit more to later on this morning. We're gonna talk about John McCain lives on believe it or not. Because now we have a new John McCain. Guess who the new John McCain is he's a Republican? Out of all know, Jeff flake is resigning of retiring. He's out. Mitt Romney Mitt Romney Willard. Mitt Romney is is going to become the new John McCain already slamming the president even before he takes his Senate seat. And we'll be looking at that some of the things he had to say questioning the character of President Trump. And what have you this guy might be worse than John McCain? Who before it's all said and done. Let's go to one of our callers right now Ernest in west Baltimore. Hey Ernest man you live in west Baltimore. Yeah. Yeah. How's it newest Baltimore? All right whereabouts. And was where whereabouts in west Baltimore. No, we're balance, you know, there's a lot. I lived in west Baltimore at one time where do you live in south west Baltimore office phone? Okay. So yeah. But what's going on Ernest in nineteen ninety six to three hundred forty four right? And that was. Nineteen ninety six at that. If anybody could tell me who the police Commissioner west nine hundred ninety six. Was it woods? It was Frazier. Tom rutan razor, okay. Nam Bernie Schmidt. The reason why they in the national police game here because Bernie Schmidt was the the Commissioner at the time. He was appointed by the governor, right? Yeah. And they got rid of them because of problems in the police department. That's why. What? Before mom who came here. Police department. You're right. General. Galster? Well, that was that Yeltsin wasn't a Commissioner though, Antrim police commander the Baltimore City police department, but he did not he was from the national guard. He did not accept the job. That's why would they want to general Galveston to beat a police commission. Gilson Gilson was the adjutant general right at the time and. And he and he had it the national guard when in the sixty eight riots, I believe I think Galveston, I know I know I know he handled the national or was in charge of the national guard. Here right here. The interim police Commissioner you got a great memory though. Yeah. Then two hundred ninety eight hundred ninety nine this year. In Washington DC. Right. I understand what you're saying. But what's the bottom line here? I mean, what what what are you trying to you know? Tell when I'm saying that no poli in a history of police departments around the country. No city was able to stop Meredith. That's why they had. Well, how the hell was it? The New York City can have. You're always gonna have murders. Nobody's talking about stopping them completely. That would be great. But that's not gonna happen. But if New York City can have two hundred and eighty nine hell is it? Baltimore City can have three hundred nine. Let me ask you this. Do you think the five organized crime family in New York? Wasn't murdering people every day. That has nothing to do with it. Earn earn Ernest? Let me look look. We're talking about today's figures. Okay. Two thousand eighteen figures. Tell me how it is that a city of eight point six million people can have two hundred eighty nine murders in two thousand eighteen when a city like Baltimore with six hundred thirty thousand or so people has three hundred and nine that's all I wanna know tell me. Well, I'm gonna tell you. Hi. Can they made a movie about.

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