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Is W. NYC good morning I'm Chris van as you're with your forecast rain on Friday afternoon high of eighty degrees winds around thirteen miles an hour we could get some thunderstorms Friday evening because of the warm temps more showers expected on Saturday highs in the upper seventies that day this is WNYC FM HD and AM New York G. M. T. here in London H. three A. M. in Minneapolis in the US the third night of unrest is taking place following the killing of a black man by police officers in the city welcome to the newsroom from the BBC world service hello I am Valerie Sanderson also South Korea closes more than eight hundred schools after an upsurge in corona virus infections we get the details from our correspondent in Seoul plus the rise in child abuse during the pandemic we've actually identified coded nineteen St child exploitation forms and actively discussing the card opportunity to find more victims we have a special report and at the deepest level ever fund an octopus identified as a type cold dumbo after this news update on the BBC hello this is Danielle your pet's gonna with the B. B. C. news president trump has blamed thugs for setting light to a police station in Minneapolis.

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