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Is very slow moving and we'll take a day or so to move beyond this town. And then all the tree debris will have to be picked up for now. It's all about waiting in Wilmington, North Carolina Eban Brown. Fox news. A series of gas explosions in several Massachusetts towns. Kill a teenager injured, at least twenty and force evacuating entire neighborhoods. It's not clear what caused the explosions, but an investigation is ongoing Columbia gas of Massachusetts shutdown gas service to roughly eight thousand customers authorities are investigating a fatal car crash last night in the town of Knox Albany county. Sheriff Craig apple says a vehicle driven by twenty two year old Christopher Davis of Almonte was traveling at a high rate of speed on BB road at around eleven thirty last night, the car left the roadway at Knox Gallup they'll road and struck several trees and burst into flames. Neighbors were able to. Move a passenger identified as Twenty-three-year-old Taylor of all buddy who was transported to Albany medical center. Governor Cuomo may have picked up nearly sixty five percent of the statewide vote on Thursday and his battle with Cynthia Nixon. But a county by county check shows Nixon was the winner in ten of eleven counties in this part of upstate and that's similar has ever teach ounce primary showing for years ago when she was the winner in a number of upstate counties w democratic analyst Morgan hook says he's not worried about a disconnect with upstate voters and was asked if the fall campaign will continue to focus on Donald Trump. I think that some of that might be tempered a little bit just because you are running in general. But again, if you're running a statewide campaign in New York, you cannot go wrong by making your campaign a referendum on Donald Trump. Governor Cuomo will take on Republican Mark Molinaro and several minor party candidates. This fall former Trump. Campaign chief Paul Manafort will plead guilty today to avoid facing a second criminal trial next week charges against Manafort include tax fraud, and money laundering, and TV personality. Julie Chen is standing by her husband in the midst of sexual misconduct allegations against him. Former CBS chief les Moonves left the network this week after more than a dozen women accused him of misconduct. His wife. Julie Chen host the show big brother and usually signs off the show with I'm Julie Chen last night. However, she signed off with I'm Julie Chen Moonves WGN news time, twelve oh five. Our next news update at twelve thirty. I'm Diane tomato. The Rush Limbaugh show is next on NewsRadio eight ten and one or three one WG y the capital region's. Breaking news, traffic and weather.

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