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I'm an old, man. And in behind the times, apparently, but a Premier League USA was pressuring putting more and more pressure on read it to block legal streams and blog copyright. Right shit. And it got so out of hand. I guess the amount of streamers on on our soccer. Streams that read funded shut it down. And I I. I really do believe that NBC gold started. This feels go. I don't know if they directly caused fucking the streaming website to be shut down, but their pay wall was the first soccer paywall that was you know, instituted forced upon you. And then reluctantly accepted. And once that's at least us it was forced upon us, which is the most that that's so fucked them, I don't care if there's other pay walls that was the first one we hit. That's fucking absolutely true. And you know, what we head of friend who had an account, and he paid for the ketone. So we thought we were good. We had the count we could watch whatever. And then they're like, no you have to pay to watch certain games that that sucked. And then. Then this year with Bleacher report slash TNT to watch Champions League games last year, rose on Fox Sports, you could watch any single game for free on Fox Sports go. Now, you have to pay a brand new subscription to watch be our live. I'm sorry. I don't wanna fucking here. Steve Nash and some other American commentator about Champions League on a here English people. The way the football is deserve to be heard. And now, you just have the companies the fucking owners of the pram champions, the pressuring streaming sites to shut everything down. So everything is behind a paywall. So I can I'm gonna fucking close it out with this a giant. Fuck you too. All you money hungry. Fucking bitches that are demanding the US soccer fan pay money to watch soccer. No wonder this sport isn't growing as quickly in the United States as it could imagine if we could watch all this auger wet and Faulk made that'd be great. But no NBC gold has to make it's money. Like, it's not a giant fucking corporate. Nation that has Monday night football on it. Anyway, they don't need to fucking force people to pay money to watch soccer, God, I hate people and rant sorry. And and that was Martin talking. No, I totally agree. And like when I think TNT, I think like basketball league that sucks now I gotta like rework my fucking brain like rewire it like what is this? Like I do. I do like a stew Holden. Like, he's. Okay. But then again, it is nothing against like. That's why I feel like obviously, we could never commentate a game. But like his I just I just missed the British. You know, you're just there's something soothing calming. They're not like people are yelling the whole time. It's not like Alexi Lalas whose like fucking screaming the whole time. But you know, there's just a little bit more like, you know, air in the room when there's British people do in the commentating. You know, what I mean exactly, I don't I can't remember if if you and I have talked about this before if my brother, and I talked about this before we all talked about it together, which all three are giant possibility. But we noticed that the difference between American commentating in British commentating is the mountain pausing. The amount of you know. Silence from the commentators and just allowing the game to be played. And you can hear the noise of the crowd. Like, I want that I want that. I don't want Stu Holden and Alexi lawless. Landon Donovan tailored twelve min fucking. Who else am I missing? I think who's the this Manish not that or that. No, no, no, the Mexican guy from Fox Sports go who like screams, the whole time. Oh, Alberto Merano Alberto Marino. No, not the guy from ESPN NFC. It's another guy. I forget that dude is the guy who said della Faye was the next messy. So I will always have a place. Oh, no not that that guy that guy's a fucking nerd. I'm just going to say like like. Like, it was like it was like I could give this guy second chance. But like there's no second chance after you say della phase going to make it like Barcelona the star..

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