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Six and will start with mike in hayward welcome hi thanks for taking my call um my question is do we know anything about whether the outcome of the eighth or even the fact that case pending um have the chilling effect on immigration more broadly and what i mean by that for example they i i living in a australia and i'm thinking of going to the united state for whatever reason i'm thinking of emigrating the united states you know if they're the possibility that aren't going to be co potentially indefinite period of time for some sort of minor arua i might not go through with it um yeah hopefully that answered question yeah that's a really good question mike my and you know a d johnson we hear talk about a wall being built there's the travel ban you mentioned the ending the socalled the catch and release of policy what about this bigger issue is the is the trump administration do you think just basically trying to discourage anyone from coming to this country who might be in america eventually might want to live here but returned to comment on the intensive president trapped in the administration but they can say that the number of steps taken in terms of immigration enforcement i have had a a chilling effect on people coming who aren't thinking about coming to study in the united states uh in in thinking about relocating in and bringing their skills to the united state of global competition for uh graduate student for highskilled workers and things like that the travel ban as it good go wall being built at the height enforcement measures uh the tightening of the of the screws when it comes to student visas and and business and tourist visas although you would think have come cranked showing affect in we're seeing at least in my congratulate you caytion um increasing competition from from uh you know particularly europe in in in other school uh in people going at bears the united states in there's a great deal of concern that may become a longterm is opposed to a shortterm trend but so i i i do fear that some of the measures will discourage migration generally including migration that benefit the united states uh quite a bit mike thanks very much for the call let's go now the heather who is in san jose heather welcome cry and i just wanted to let you know that i th i found a manual online life.

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