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Barbara Kusak. Pressure is mounting by Democrats for Virginia's Lieutenant governor, Justin. Fairfax to resign. After a second woman came forward saying Fairfax sexually assaulted her. While they were students at Duke University. Correspondent Ryan noble says Virginia delegate says without Fairfax's resignation. He'll move forward with impeachment proceedings. Delegate hope said that it is his desire that the Lieutenant governor decide to leave office on his own. But he believes this second accuser has made it too difficult for him to stay in office under the current conditions delegate hope telling me that he believes these two women, and it is time for the Lieutenant governor to reside acting US attorney general Matthew Whitaker snap back. Congressional Democrats as they've pushed for information on the special counsels Russia probe corespondent, Jessica Schneider, fills us sand Whitaker who said he has been fully briefed on the investigation declined. To specifically condemn the label witch hunt by the president described the Russia approach I have not interfered with a special counsel's investigation. Are you overseeing a witch a witch hunt? Wouldn't you congressman it would be inappropriate for me? Talk about an ongoing investigation and Whitaker giving. No specific indication how much longer it will last. We haven't received the report Bob molar is going to finish this investigation when he wants to finish this investigation a clean Bill of health for President Trump after a four hour, medical checkup. His doctors said the president is in very good health, and is likely to remain so for the duration of his presidency and beyond a New York City man was arrested at Kennedy airport. It now faces federal charges of trying to join a Pakistan based terrorist group. The US attorney's office says twenty nine year old Hase's Wilfredo Encarnacion was trying to join a militant group that was blamed for high profile attacks, including the one in Mumbai in two thousand eight that killed one hundred and sixty eight people. I'm Barbara Kusak. Wow. Look at these roses. They're gorgeous, happy Valentine's Day. Honey. Thank you guys..

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