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Last hole but he's sought sailor gabriel robbery robertson was andrea roberts over the middle put jonathan jones was right there as he threw it to get a handle their battered away the field goal you did on for atlanta and cabinet we talk threegame there're almost in the red zone in trust me julio jones's double that came off that they wanting julio jones's the corner in the safety padam in a bites so we had to roll out and try to find a secondary fever and jonathan jones made a blood thirty seven yard field goal try for map bryant well holder is matloha bosch or the ball to right hatch good snap go to hold liquica's pack but a patriots and down at the twenty five yard line who wearing england got penetration why it has miss his second field goal of the year as new england was able to block get away good penetration on the block as night thing through that blockers was cashiers march other trade off fees with seattle so marsh skits the block and the patriots turned the falcons away scoreless in the first no score new england at atlanta 105 ago firstquarter you're listening to southern i'd football on westwood one hey how you doing dushi jimmy if in zepa and i got a bone the pick jimmy calmed down this dr greenberg degree by guy you know i'm doing good but jimmy got to relax room and it you know you point is great and i understand where you're going with this and that so important to get this and impress people about the thousands of not snoring and bingley spectral for their bed par zoulichniy i'm saying these people and i can't get it twoday ahead i've been preaching and preaching nad should gauge jimmy i get it and you know it's really important for people to understand that this science behind this that there's something called rim sleep and when you snore you don't get that ram sleep in your bed partner doesn't get the rim sleep so both of them are tired the next day in fact you know there are studies out there that show person who is not getting remm sleep was a worst driver than someone who is legally drunk what you need to.

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