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Southeastern Conference Commissioner Gregg Thank. You has said recently that notice station on football being played this fall would come Until later this month, But his tenor after a day long in person meeting with the SEC is athletic directors and other top officials. That leaves some skepticism. ESPN COLLEGE Football Insider epidemics reporting no decisions regarding football this season were made today in Birmingham, Alabama, but appearing on the Paul Finebaum show on radio immediately following Frankie did not sound overly confident. We have to see a change in public health friend to build the comfort that will have an opportunity to beat this fall, and people can say all you shouldn't. It's not gonna happen. Make predictions and go back to Governor Cuomo in June, said. I am done with predictions of none with models. We're looking for facts, and that's what we've been doing diligently for months now. The meeting comes on the same day, the Patriot League announced there would be no interscholastic sports this fall. Following the moves made by the Ivy League last week, both leagues leaving open the possibility of spring football. In fact, coming up one hour from now, you can hear an exclusive interview with Patriot League Commissioner Jennifer Hepple with Freddie Coleman right here on ESPN radio regarding a firm decision today. Of the N B, a bubble. Russell Westbrook revealing he's just positive for the Corona virus taking to social media saying, Please take the virus responsibly be safe mask up. He is not in Orlando. Yet. Neither is James Harden. That's for a different reason, which is on Thursday around one of the memorial Tiger Woods back after a five month layoff, So who's he paired with around one and two? It's Tiger. It's kept good road, McElroy. How about Tuesday a name change in the NFL. But the end, some players are keeping their name, which is sending bigger chocolate baseball be ready for the first pitch Tuesday, and bingo six, Eastern ESPN radio and ESPN two. And now I'm livin in correctional facilities. I'm Freddie Coleman on Freddy If it's Simmons on ESPN Radio, the ESPN Athens Channel 80 presented by progressive insurance. Voting home insurance just got easier with aggressive home quote Explorer quoted by all online at progressive dot com That is progressive dot com So I'm just going to read the statement. Today we are announcing we will be retiring the Redskins name and logo on completion of this review dance, not a coach Ron Rivera, working closer to developing new name and design approach that one has to standing about proud tradition, which franchise and a spiral sponsors, fans and community for the next 100 years in court. That was the Redskins statement retiring the team name and the logo at a date that right now not been announced, but seems.

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