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No, no, I didn't really hear any statistics in there. I heard Brandon facts. I got a tough editorial judge here. You know, I got it. It kind of sounded like you were stealing this day in sports history from Paul. Well in my stealing it from Paul before Todd steals it from Paul had finally just stopped stealing it after months and months of daily complaints. Yes, make love and you gotta pull question for me today. Yeah, I have a lot of disappointing poll questions. They'll make your poll questions seem better from yesterday. By the way, does it feel like the game is less exciting? Or the anticipation for the game? Is it because we're not there? And I don't know about the fans? You know that? What Get you geared up? This is great matchup. This a matchup that People probably wanted if you didn't have a rooting interest, and I said you could have Mahomes versus Brady, Super Bowl, the goat and the baby goat and you got it on Super Bowl Sunday. She was favored by three I would think I just don't know if we have that topic. You know, the topic has really been Maura about the Patriots and Bill Belichick. Then it has has been about the game itself. And plus you don't have the Chiefs in Tampa. And the odds of saying something that might garner some headlines are kind of limited here. It's a non traditional week. And I think, because we there's certain things we expect There's coverage. There's guess there's different gas. There's less guests on this year. Then there have been and you know, probably the last 20 years. From those who were gonna be in Tampa, you know, pitching products of the availability for a lot of these players s. Oh, it's it's just different. It feels like you're gonna get the same rating for the Super Bowl. But the question is The excitement that you take into that match up or I can't wait to see this. I think people are interested in Scotty Miller. I truly am because of the interview he did with this last week. And that was a little bit of the buzz like, I guess if you're saying bulletin board material like maybe the Chiefs, defensive backs we're gonna we're gonna shut down Scotty Miller. Retiree kills saying Oh, you want to see fast all show you fast. But there's been nothing else there. Maybe a little bit of Mahomes. You got your chance to beat the goat. This is something LeBron never got a chance to do. And we're trying to heip that a little bit there, but There's usually a little bit of buzz during Super Bowl week, but we have not seen that. Or heard that this week. Yeah, pulling. I just looked up at the sports mix we have here every morning show in sports. His home at their home studios. No one's at a beach. No one's got like a bus behind him. No one's got a crowd behind him, and that's standard procedure the past 15 years. No shows her down there, so it doesn't feel like Campus of all week and it doesn't feel like a home game for them because I'm sure there's not too many fans traveling around the country. Well, you're going to get fans who In fact, the Patriots I think Robert Kraft is bringing down health care workers. But there's only a certain number of tickets to be had there. You know. Tampa's not even allowed to fire the cannons. When they score, the NFL said You can't fire the cannons happen. Don't you think I hate to make a left turn? But don't you think that's kind of Bs by the league? That the one time in history that a team earns home field of Super Bowl which is really tough to pull off? They should get all the benefits of being the home team. No, that doesn't change the way they play everything that but you know. It's a cool thing that they got home field. Remember Minnesota couple years ago, they almost had home field. And they do that Viking horn that I don't know what's called, But you mean how to love to her that 40 or 50 times on Sunday, the Vikings would have played it and they do that clap. Yeah. Yeah. You know, I'm okay without the cannons. I don't I don't know. I'm not big, like I don't need a cannon there for the bucket. Yes, Yes. You won't be here that much anyway. Oh, okay. Alright shot there. They don't really earn home field be saving worst record than the chief. So you could say that chief certain home field if that's your bacteria also, I was wondering about this. When Danny shared in the USA today oddsmaker was on with this yesterday. Was trying to read between the lines. The previous year. I was reading between the lines, and I'm thinking he's taken the can city chiefs and probably the over. This time around. I think he's taken the Kansas City Chiefs and taking me under. That was the feeling I got yesterday with Danny Sheridan for entertainment purposes only, Yes, make love. It's so everybody's talking about this rain situation. And I guess in that part of Florida the forecast is meaningless right up until the day before. So if it is everyone gonna pound the under then if it's gonna rain, and that favors Which team is that favorite? I am I have no idea with this. We'll forget betting but just have a range like I do you say Oh, that's gotta help the but I think it helps the Bucks apiece. Slows down the high acting chiefs. Right. I mean well, I like knowing where I'm going on a pass round. You have to figure out where I'm going on the.

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