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You're not wrong, man. It's insane. I feel like you find out whether you get to live or die on death row more quickly than you can find out. I think the lesson is if you're on death row, you'd actually prefer to have the NCA ruling over your case here, because they might just take forever. I'll just take that deal instead. You just die of old age at 89. You take that trade off instantly there. So we're waiting on that, although, by the way, you know, of course, Kansas waiting. But Kansas, I don't expect with the IAR P, I don't expect Kansas to have a ruling before the end of the season. Oklahoma state, I very, very much do. So I put OSU there and in Texas tech right below, we'll see how Mark Adams is going to do GP. He was the face of the defense. You know, I made this comparison in my one to three 58, although Chris beard and Mark Adams got along much better than Mike Ditka buddy Ryan did on the 85 bears. You're damn right, I'm invoking a bear's reference here. But whereas buddy Ryan was in charge of solely the defense on that bears team, and that's what made the Chicago Bears of the mid 80s so great. Adams was similar with the way that he approached Texas tech's defensive unit and he had a lot to do with how great Texas tech was. It wasn't all Chris beard. They get Terence Shan junior back. That's big. Kevin McCullough back. That's another double digit score. Marco Santo Silva. He was really a top 20 rebounder in America when you look at the rebound rates from last season. So they're back. They lost some key pieces, but they bring in Kevin o' banner from oral Roberts, who was an 18 and 9 guy and because max a Smith led the nation scoring and was a big time points producer. Oh, by the way, a banner shot 46% from three as a stretch forward and he was an 87.5% foul shooter. So you got him, Bryson Williams from Utah, 15 and 7 guy. Malik Wilson from Louisiana, averaged 13 points, 5 and a half boards, three assists, and two steels. So there's actually dudes on this roster. You're going to probably wind up being closer than I am on this because I got Texas tech right around that 40 range. They're probably going to outperform where I've gotten, but I just want to see what they do with the new coach there. So I got those two schools ahead of the likes of West Virginia and Oklahoma. Yeah, like, you know, they lose some pieces like you said, two of the top four that's Matt mcluhan and Tyler Edwards, they also lose Chris beard. They've got a new coach. I believe Mark Adam's gonna be able to do this job well. But you know, like I've said about other assistant coaches who are promoted. You know, you never know for sure. But I'm optimistic. That's why I have them finishing fourth in the big 12. So they return for the top 6. And when you've got a core of Terrence Shannon Kevin McCullough, Marcus Santa Silva and Kevin banner, that's a pretty good core for a college basketball team and a banner. It wasn't just like empty stats, either. Yeah, he was 19. He was 18.7 points 9.6 rebounds per game for the season. He put 30 on Ohio State in a win in the insulator. He put 28 on Florida in the NCA tournament. And that 46.3 sometimes he's three point percentages for frontcourt players can be misleading because it's like, oh, we made 46% of one per game. He took 4.3 per game. He's a real shooter. And that free throw percentage underlines it. So I like this Texas tech team. I'm torn between Oklahoma state Texas tech four 5, but to me, it is clearly those two four 5 and then we can start talking about everybody else. Yeah, a final tool nibble on here as we get out is West Virginia, Oklahoma. I think they're basically interchangeable. Huggin centers what's going to be as 40th season with 900 wins to his name. He's got cash Sherman and Sean McNeil. They'll probably combine for like 28, 29 a game. They're the one two there. Good. Jalen bridges needs to be a breakout player as a sophomore. We'll see Oklahoma with Porter Moser. He was the hot name. Multiple times, and this is where he lands. He keeps the emoji Gibson Elijah harkless on the roster, which is what I think will put the sooners in the tournament conversation right near the bubble cut line, getting those guys back was huge. Also got the groves brothers. Remember Tanner was the lovable big dude who almost helped knock out Kansas in the first round. He was the big guy player of the year, 17 and 8 guy. Scottish younger brother Jacob there. They also bring in duke transfer Jordan goldwire, who I think will just help stiffen up the defense. Moser had a way of really developing a very, very good defensive unit at the mid major level. I think Oklahoma, if it's going to be a tournament team, it's got to be a top four defense in the big 12 and year one. I think they'll have a good chance. But because you got a coaching change in there and not quite as much roster continuity, I'll go WVU at 6 Oklahoma at 7. Yeah, that's right. I'm gonna trust bob Hawkins. When they had deuce McBride on the fence for a little while, is he staying? Is he going? I think I always had it projected in the top 25 and one. Or at least at some point before he officially announced I projected. That he was going to go. And he went. And that's a big blow. I think West Virginia with him back is preseason top 25. And West Virginia without him back is probably, you know, at least on paper at best, 6th in the big 12. Now, it doesn't mean you can't be in the instability tournament, but losing a player of that caliber who is very much a could stay could reasonably stay could reasonably go. The reason I frame it phrase it like that is because, you know, like what Kate Cunningham, there is no choice. You know, it's not like he can reasonably stay your go..

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