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Is American baseball compared to like Asian baseball so daring postseason or the world series. American BASEBALL IS NEXT LEVEL. Because they're loud screaming the entire game and that's when you really highlight baseball season In Japan it's they're very polite people. They're there to root for their players. And that's it. They're not they're not heckling. Okay so in the stands for every hitter that comes up you have a ban or you have just your section on half of the stadium in the outfield that have a theme song for every player when they come up may seem and then you hit an almost not quite. It's like you hear chatter in the Stand and then the other team will start cheering for their pitchers so then he gets loud. That's all you hear. All gain is like pretty much cheering for one guy or the other guy. So that's like the main difference with fans is just there there purely because they love their team and entertainment for their family. Americans go to baseball games to get hammered and see run across the field hell yes so like Japan. They come there you interact players so I live ride or the fans. I love rice fields so they would know when you come out of the House and they just stand straight line and they just WanNa high five you while you go by right. Now they don't ask for autographs they don't ask for anything they just. WanNa see it When you're at the field it's Kinda like they know. Now you're working now. Can I be autograph? And it's like yeah of course but I mean you see these people every day because you your next door neighbors with them they know where you live so on the fan experience is they're both obviously amazing. I mean. Mlb is like knocking like it. You know but Japan. All you're doing is that's like like a competing drumline. Did the whole game which is is also really name. So how'd you about netting to another net? They've netting pretty much all around the the foul all right so every parcel of different. But yet they had all the way out and especially they try to cover the first first Layer the seats right and which I don't understand like here's we had netting behind home plate which is tickets everybody wants to buy or they. WanNa buy ones where they sit behind glass in a box right so you'll never after one year of netting or your first Yang. You won't even notice once people stop talking about it. You never notice it. Plus nothing's thin and Alvin. Every was saved some really high tech fibers now where the netting is like so thin. It's it you almost. Don't think it would be safe. But it's it's like I can't remember what the fibers called but it's like a I think it's called dyneema which the climbing fiber that they use for Super Lightweight. Climbing ropes goes crazy strong. It's stronger than Kevlar. And all that stuff and yet like some these new negative installed or just like a spider web. There's another complete you know. I mean there's nothing they also do. That probably could benefit us. Been benefit the the. Us is that in every section they have security on right and they also have someone that is in charge with a helmet and a whistle that pays attention to the game. So if there is a foul ball or line drive into the stands or even a home run like four different people that are responsible. That's action they're blowing a whistle so everyone in that area knows well. That's our section. Look out if they're not paying attention which is a huge benefit because not everyone pays attention. So if you start. You can't hear a whistle on the other side of Stadium. Lights you it's not. GonNa Freak you out. They make people have their natural reaction because they're paying attention and it gives them extra second baby just to put up their hands or protect their level So there's clearly some thought behind fan safety whereas in the major leagues. There's just like you pay your ticket deal with it right. Like that's the thing is i. I don't think so much about the clock right It's about the fan. The fans are the ones that are like you remember majority or tickets up the line. Those are season ticket holders. Okay so they're the ones that are saying. We don't want the net there we don't want the net guarantee you know they blame it on. M. O. B. But they also have a product. They're putting out field so I generally people own the seat. Take her like I don't want net brought to me. So you brought up a good point like something that that we could do here. with the whistles and stuff you know what would you change if you had to take something from from? Taiwan Taiwanese baseballer Japan Baseball. And Bring it here. Like what's the big change you think you would suggest for for. Mlb what looked just put the nets up right where you can do. Is They have them in some stadiums in Japan so have a section right on the on the foul lines. Okay so you can charge a little more. They sign a waiver. You put helmets and gloves and every share and they call like the The thrill seeking area. So you're like right there and line drives or so it kind of shoots out. Where dependable ballpark. Where they go. I guess and they shoot out and they'll put stands right there and people know what they're getting into and they go sit there if they want to see the net extended. Nobody notices the net. Yeah and then also what they do. Is They just You know if you're on offense or your home fee it's Kinda different but people want foul ball players to throw balls up one place control that up every time but would also Japan is to keep people locked in like they they start don't dolls in the stands if they hit a home run or something like that so just interaction you just got to stop talking about the next do it and nobody will notice touch you. What about So how do you feel about since you were in the moneyball draft? Which at that point didn't really affect you. You just part of like you're one of those guys you know in their first draft. How do you feel about the analytics wave of baseball? You like the new game. Do you watch much baseball these days. How do you feel about it? And your soul way. You don't have a soul feel about inured spirit. Okay so my draft was like Michael Lewis. Wrote the book right so We didn't know anything about it. Obviously we got drafted and then all of a sudden Mike Lewis. He started writing the book and he came around and that's how it became the name of because he wrote the book Whatever they news like. We didn't know that analytic stuff was at the time being generated around the big league game and I think maybe it was their first drafts with that so it was Kinda secretive of what they were doing so they had different. Looks if you look at the draft that we had. We had a lot of guys that shouldn't have been or work projected to be first rounder. Second rounders through rounders so analytics was a small thing with jude ideas. Early right it was a way to save money for low team still have quality players the chance to win now. It's turned into every hitting coach from teaching three year olds. Too Big Leaguers is like up launch. Angola it's got a lot hand just saw what I don't think it's designed to be. Was these things if you do these all on a group these four things. We have a chance to win. Now I gotTa do this that this that and just doesn't really have an end goal besides Oh my launch angle too. They draft you because you had any special like obviously a Kevin. Youkilis was had an incredible plate plate discipline right like you really I. On base percentage in College. Did you have any special magical talents? Not only that I think I was just one of those guys that slept in the draft and I happened to go in the third round and maybe like in the book like they don't. They mentioned my name. They don't talk about me. Talk about the guys like Germany Brown. He was a second rounder senior catcher. That just had an unbelievable on-base percentage right he's the guy that's flies in home runs lies in the second base. The end the thing. You just had amazing discipline and those are the things that are looking for. They still took guys that deserved to be took in the rousing winning if they got a chance if not. I'm not going to spend six million dollars on my tenth pets when I can get this guy for a million dollars per share. Yeah Dutch you may sense An impacter career any as through development. I know you weren't with the as forever but was anyone talking to you about things you could do things you can do to optimize your suffer. No no nothing. All that stuff was when we first started was okay walks to strike out ratios like the main thing just like it was for every pitcher and that was an all still. The standard stuff was get ahead. They never broke down. Alex for us that was for them to find players to win West. It wasn't Hor. Hey you need to do this. We already know you do it. That's why you're here. Yeah Yeah so now. It's getting into people are getting involved a little too much before. It was just a tool for them to put together. A quality team is like what they you know. The Dave identified different things that they value over other. You know maybe projectable talent you know. They're using numbers like okay value. This and this guy's good at it so let's take them even if he's not. I'm trying to pull up the the draft and it looked like that draft that the as had like six first round picks yup in that in that two thousand two draft and I you know. There's there's a lot of names you'd recognize if you're if you're maybe you're just a casual baseball fan. Martine Nick Swisher. Joe blamed like those. Those guys had bigly careers that that you would yeah. Mark Martin is a prime example part of their analytics right. Nick Swisher was a part of their analytics. Joe Bland was a flint or write it. Just got every out. He was gonNA be a first. Rounder derail was other guys. They're like you know what Nick Swisher is a really good plate discipline guy and let's hope he develops into having great our and and and plays well. Guess What Nick. Swisher starting out with really good plate discipline and then he developed power as he went through and developed. Markian great disciplined went the other way. Donbass that's what they cared about. They didn't really. You didn't go there to change. They knew they had does call requires that they can get at a cheaper discount taking them earlier in the draft because they knew that. Hey.

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