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Do the math with us Don't fight the Fed flow with the Fed called +20121027272012102727. That's +20121027 to 7. And offer to buy or sell any security is only made by a private placement. Memorandum. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Returns around your last national is a real estate development firm. T S and an aria Got Wcbm news time. 12 03 Michael Philip Elliott, the 6 80 Wcbm Maryland News Center with the headlines in the news this hour. Maybe Brandon Scott to give an update on the city's response to covert 19 this afternoon will carry his 2 P.m. press conference live here on Wcbm. The governors of Maryland, Virginia joined DC's mayor and appealing to the incoming Biden administration to provide increased federal support for the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority. The joint statement asked the president elect to renew the federal government's commitment to the system's future. And consider joining the three jurisdictions as a partner, A 37 year old Baltimore man has pled guilty to federal bank robbery charges, Edward Johnson admitted to committing five bank robberies and two attempted bank robberies in Baltimore and in York, Pennsylvania between February and March of 2019. Johnson facing 141 months in federal prison. In sports college football. Tomorrow night's Big 10 football game between Maryland and Michigan State canceled again after another covert 19 outbreak in college Park in total 15 players tested positive this past week and Auntie Gin test conducted yesterday morning resulted in three more presumptive positives. There were six positive cases among staff over that same time period. It's the second time a game between the Terps and Sparty has been canceled two days before it was to be played. The same thing happened prior to in November. 21st game. Well, the look at your weather Channel forecast coming up next.

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