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Appreciate it six one seven two eight six five six three three is the number to reach us to leave a comment or question six one seven eight six five six three three i want to ask people what their reaction was we just had bob massey on a democratic candidate for governor what was your reaction damn does he looked like somebody you could vote for or does it or is this just another demo democrat that has no chance of winning if you look at the polls right now of course they're all stacked against these democratic candidates governor baker has a very healthy double digit lead against all three of these candidates bob massey included said he warren j gonzalez they're all relatively unknown known by most voters there which is why they're doing shows like this i appreciate it getting their name out there and getting their message out there it's very important in this early stage to get your message out there what's your reaction to bob warren what's your reaction to bob massey six one seven two eight six five six three three took a lot of shots at governor baker there but one person three three nine says bob sounds like he supports seti which is very interested i asked bob massey about warned warranted story in by hilary shapiro in the boston herald today which details how said he warned got a seventy thousand dollar year teaching and community relations post at fiscally flailing mount ida college months before they abruptly announced a plan to close this spring warren says it's been very difficult yes i would say so had no idea about the colleges rapidly sinking financial outlook or plans to close he's been teaching a political science class for twice a week on campus apparently but basically sounds like your basic no show no show jobs seventy thousand dollars year he's the former mayor of newton mount ida is in newton and i think that had something to do with it they thought they they'd hire the former mayor of newton he just stepped down from being mayor last year six one seven two eight six five six three three six one so yes i agree with three three nine when i asked bob massey about the war and he said i want to defend seti the first thing see said there is he wants to defend city and said.

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