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Rushing yards than anybody. In NFL history. It's Emmitt Smith. Emmett. How you doing? My man here, our brother. I am doing good. How are you going? I'm starving. I'm terrific. Thanks for taking the time Now. I got to tell everybody about the gift that you got me. But I'm gonna I'm gonna leave folks in suspense. So we will get to that. We know where a couple of days away from the Super Bowl and we've been having a conversation about Longevity. We just finished talking about our last break You played until you were 35. Brady is still rolling. Do you think he has more gas left in the tank after this? Was this his last chance to win a Super Bowl? You think Well, I know he has gas left in the tank. I'm not gonna go is far and say that this is his last Super Bowl. But the law of averages would say he is embarking upon the last run, and this would probably be it. But Brady has defined our since he came into the league, You have to think about it. Man started and was drafted as a six round seven round draft pick, which was not the expectation was very low, but he worked his way into the starting lineup because somebody got hurt. And he performed from that point on and has taken over that position since then, and when you look at his body of work My gosh. You talking about? Three losses, and he's planning his 10 with the opportunity to win. His seventh ring is doing something that nobody has ever done in the history of the game played and playing in 10 Super Bowls, so it's kind of hard for me to say. Within that. The gas is empty because he's performing He's performing, and he's doing it mentally. He's doing it emotionally, and he's doing it physically. Now we see that then he's still going well, Emmett, I gotta ask you who do you think Who do you favor to come out on top this Sunday? Well, I'm going with Tom Brady. I'm going with Tom Brady. Here's why, Because of some of the things that I just mentioned on going to live it deeper here. I'm going with the In a spiritual sense. I'm saying the man is the greatest of all time. And he's done things that have been Uh, Defining all and going against all odds. And he's embarking upon something that's very historical. And He's been touched. And with a special anointing to go and do something very, very special. And this right, his says everything else apart. This says that there is nobody ever in the history of game that probably whatever win seven Super Bowls in 10 tries I don't know if there's ever will be anybody else to play intensity, but was like he has done to play and do it with a totally different team in a totally different offense. When everybody thought that you were just a system player. That says even more and so when I think about it and think about what is that and who he's doing it with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I'm like. Jesus was born in a manger. Very humble beginnings. Nobody knew. And everything else. Look all around the dung and everything was all over the place and he come out spotless. Not the same time. Brave is gonna come out spotless, but Jesus, he's football. Jesus, baby. Listen, Emmett, you're here. Joining us the J. R sport brief show on CBS Sports radio. You talk about setting the bar man. You have settled bar. Nobody is rushed for more yards than you any NFL. Was having a conversation with Adrian Peterson a couple of days ago, and he said he Kanda doesn't feel he gets. You know the respect for the longevity that he has had with the way the game is right now. It's a pass. Happy league. Adrian is still playing. Do you think he can catch you? Do you think anybody can catch your Russian record? Yeah, I would say I would say I'm not gonna go ast, Farrah said no one could ever get the record because they said the same thing before I actually broke the record. So I feel like this, and I honestly feel like this, that the human being before him, you can do it again. Whether that's Adrian Peterson, whether that's Frank Gore, whether that's there, Henry of someone else. I think that since I've done it, I noticed somebody else could do it too. I mean, it's just a matter of How to stars lined up for you. I was anointed to be the one to Russia, 18,000 yards and very Sanders. People talk about Barry Sanders and I were two different kinds. And I'm not sure if he was destined to do that. If he was, he would have done it. And I'm proud of his second, but for some reason, his heart got hardened with the game. He decided to say enough is enough for him, but for me, my heart said I wanted to do this and I wanted to go further. Those desires was placed in me as a little child. And as they grew, And as I grew, they became more relevant. And so the sewing something requires a certain level passion and a cerebral level of focus and commitment. I think that there's somebody we may not see them today. Some kid. Is gonna grow up and say I'm doing this and by the time they grow up and do that the league will go from a pass Happy league back to a well balanced.

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